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Learning Resources Answer Buzzers

  • Get students actively engaged with “game-show buzzers” that turn any lesson into a game
  • Response buzzers let students very easily buzz when they have an answer. Just tap to respond.
  • Four distinctly different, consideration-obtaining, sounds allow teachers to clearly determine who buzzed in initial to answer
  • A perfect tool for quieter students. Buzzers are loud sufficient to get the focus of the class. Then the student can verbally answer the question or voice an opinion, gaining confidence in speaking in front of others.
  • Set contains 4 distinct colors and exciting sounds – horn honk, boxing bell, doorbell, and “boing”
  • Every single measures 31/2″ in diameter and needs two AAA batteries, not integrated
  • Perfect for ages 3+

Get students actively engaged as you assess them! “Game-show buzzers” turn any lesson into a game. Four distinct colors and fun sounds— horn honk, boxing bell, doorbell and boing! Every measures 3½” in diameter and requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Set of four.

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