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Less Work – More Money

Less Work – More Money


“Ways to achieve maximum results with minimal effort. Time is money”


In this post we are going to recap on a few issues and tie them under the manner of “Less Work – More money” which is essentially going to be a rough guide on how you can reduce your workload yet still deliver quality and more profitable quiz events –



Less Work – More Money – Word of Mouth

We have already discussed in a previous post the power of the word of mouth and how it can be your main marketing tool. There can be nothing higher and more effective as a recommendation as a friend telling you how good a trivia night or seeing a positive post on social media. Marketing can only do so much so as we focused on in a previous post, you need to make sure that word of mouth is working for you! The best way to do this is to have a strong social media following and build it up that way….have clients check in on your venue, mention you in comments, have a dedicated event people can join and tag themselves into. This involves very little work and once the page is up and running it runs itself. People are much more likely to attend trivia nights if their friend has been and raved about it on facebook….


Less Work – More Money – Client submission of question

Every trivia host knows the scenario….the local bar wise guy catches you at the end of the night and poses what he thinks is an impossible question to the trivia host. Use this to your advantage….have an option on the answer sheet where the users can submit their own questions . Maybe issue a beer token for the best one? How does this work for you? Well if each team does one and you have 16 teams you can therefore use these questions in future as you have 16 questions in front of you. Obviously, a quick check as to whether they are accurate is important but otherwise you have been given ideas and question themes for free!

If you are scheduled to do trivia at a corporate event, wedding, or school event, have the person who booked you send you 20-30 questions.  These questions than can be utilized for your show and are personalized/tailored already for your audience.  Plug the questions and answers into your software and then you are all set for a few basic lightening rounds.




Less Work – More Money – Fliers

You should not need to be going round every 5 minutes issuing leaflets to local outlets. Issue them in places were your customers are. It is 2015, so social media is going to do a lot of the talking for you so you need to make sure the fliers are in places social media may not cover. Local hotels, event halls, restaurants and business that cater to weddings. That is the market to target. It may also be handy to get them in local blocks of flats, fliers in every post box or one pinned to the notice board. Do not waste time going around every single venue….instead pick and choose and if you have your word of mouth operation in full flow, the rest should come easily.



Less Work – More Money – Signage in the Pub

Whatever day of the week that a customer attends the pub, they should be aware of when and where your trivia night is taking place. The bar needs to work with you to promote as they are hoping for profits too from your hard work so make sure they pull their weight. Get posters around, in toilets, on the front door, little signs near the bar, have it on LCD TV’s that display the events, have it on the back of menus…badger the pub into doing some of the work for you and it means that your advertising will be more money for less work. The captive audience could be the people already in the bar on a weekly basis and hence they must be locals or have some connection to the bar so these are the people you want to come as they are the ones you are more likely to attend your trivia night time after time after time.



Less Work – More Money – Email

Email is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. The first problem you need to think about is how to get the players email address? Easy….hold a prize draw ever 3-4 weeks with say a bottle of gin as a prize, something simple and have the players submit it on pre-printed cards that asks for their name and email address. Simple….then make sure you are doing your part correctly. Set up a simple template and each week change the date, times, jackpot amounts and any new features. One click of a button and thousands and thousands of players will be able to see your upcoming events. Hassle free, cheap, easy and efficient. Do not bombard players will emails though as they will soon become sick and treat your email as spam but a monthly email pitched and worded in a welcoming manner can be profits boom. After all, providing that you are indeed giving an entertaining event, the players more likely to return time after time are the ones who have been once.


In essence therefore, your time is precious enough with writing questions, bringing in new bookings and developing your DigiGames system events to suit your needs. The Trivia writing itself can take up a full week so you need to focus on other matters. In this day and age once you set the promotional wheel going it can work for you with the simple advantage of word of mouth, social media and email being your key weapons. Utilize these well and your trivia events will start to sell themselves. Make use of your customers information and marketing ability, make sure you aren’t wasting time promoting and issuing fliers were you aren’t likely to get a return and above all else sit back, relax and watch the dollars fly in through the door!

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