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Making a Video to Promote Yourself

Making a Video to Promote Yourself

“Stay ahead of your rivals by having a crisp, short and professional looking video to enhance your appeal, sales and business”



After a brief time away we are back with the latest, greatest and most useful tips and advice on turning your trivia night and services into the success they deserve to be. Hopefully the time away has given you the chance to catch up on what is turning into a rather exhaustive array of posts on here and hopefully by now you are also starting to put some of these ideas into practice and making your trivia night the best it can be. Stay tuned for more over the next week and a return to form….


Today though we are going to look at further ways to promote yourself. Yes you may have the fliers, posters and word of mouth on your site, you may have a good website, an attractive Facebook but little additions here and there can be the difference maker and indeed one difference maker I have certainly found is the use of videos to market yourself!  Having the right marketing materials, including videos, is what will help you increase your bottom line.


In this blog post we will look at the benefits of a video, how to make one and also where to put it!


Making a Video to Promote Yourself – Professional

The first thing to consider is can you do it? Making a shoddy video with poor sound and poor quality will have the opposite effect to that which you intend. You need to make an appealing, interesting and professional looking video. Start looking into software you can use, perhaps people you can hire or look at what rivals are doing. There are so many skilled video makers out there that it does take a lot to stand out, but what you need to be doing is not making THE best video out there, but a video that looks professional and modern. Don’t settle for second best and even if it costs $100 to get one made for you that investment might be worth it. If you are not willing to put in a little time, effort  then don’t bother as it will only serve to have an adverse affect and you will be left turning customers away rather than enticing them to buy!


Making a Video to Promote Yourself – Modern


Have you had that incredible game show moment that you wish all your potential booking clients could have seen?  It is a simple thing to get friends and family to recreate the fun and excitement from a previous show.  It’s not false advertising…. you are merely showcasing what prospective clients can expect at their events.

  • Capture players pressing their buzzers, answering questions and having fun.
  • Show the audience attentive and laughing.
  • Have a testimonial or 2 from past trivia clients.
  • Show giving prizes to the winners.


Again, with very little software and even fewer minutes, a modern professional video can be made. But in essence, the reason you need to consider making one is to keep up with the modern market place. Every company has eventually had to give in a move to online promotion as it is the most effective, wide reaching and useful tool on the market. Without doubt you need to get your business into the modern realms and the way to achieve this is to get yourself on YouTube and get your Facebook posts laden with videos.


Making a Video to Promote Yourself – Get it on the right sources

It is not good making a video if you then don’t make the effort to get it out there. You need to make sure it gets seen so add it to Facebook pages, get in on the dead center of your homepage and even have it running on TV’s and projectors at your events when people are coming in, with the permission of the booking client, of course. Sticking in on YouTube and hoping people will see it will never work….send it out in emails, promote it on twitter and Facebook……Don’t be afraid to inundate people as if you have a good product it will sell!


Making a Video to Promote Yourself – Short and Sweet

Another issues to consider is that your video needs to be short, sweet and to the point. It is good to have 2 types of videos:  The website shortened video, and the expanded longer one.  If the website video is anything over about 40 seconds long it will only serve to put people off watching it. Basically a 40 second video only makes them want for more.  Then you have a link for the longer version.  The longer version should not exceed 3 minutes in length.  You need to make sure you keep the ever decreasing attention span of people focused on your product and you need to get the message across quickly and sensibly. Don’t overload with information or go over the top, don’t repeat and repeat and don’t let the video drag on and on and on.


Making a Video to Promote Yourself – Production

You have to make sure the production is right….nothing too over the top, something simple yet effective. The customer or potential punter who has watched the video should leave knowing exactly who your are, what you are all about, why you are better than the others and, a fact people often overlook, how they can contact you next. Without this factors it will fail. Keep production snazzy yet not too upmarket, lively yet not confusing. Keep the video easy to follow and simply to watch.  Again, it is good to consider stage friends and/or family and script out on paper what you want them to say and do.  This controlled environment produces better results and may better represent what clients can expect at their events they book you for.


In essence then the message about making a promotional video is as loud and clear as I can make….do it. People in this day and age have short attention spans, do not want to read long paragraphs and want something that sticks out and uses modern technology. It shows you care and the fact that you are making the effort shows you are serious. It reeks of professionalism and you need to make sure you get it out there. Put it in the right places, on the right kind of channels and market it well and you will see it makes a difference. It’s a good selling tool for your and speaks volumes. We have talked on this blog several times about how you can make sure your customers are knowing about your products and getting the word out there to other people and a key aspect of this is going to be your video and we have also discussed the importance of making full use of social media sites and hence the video comes into play again


What are you waiting for? Get that video produced today and start increasing you business.  If you need help finding a qualified video producer, just let us know.  We have some fantastic options at our disposal.


After a brief break the blog is back up and running so please stay tuned for even more new, fresh and relevant information on the wide world of trivia. See you soon!

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