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Making Trivia Unique – Sports Trivia


Making Trivia Unique – Sports Trivia

“Jazz up your Sports round with these simple ideas to make your trivia night the most unique to can be!”


Welcome back to the blog. Why away for so long I hear you ask? Well the good news is that although you have been missing your daily fix, I have eagerly working away on a series of trivia posts that are launching soon all with the idea of helping you make, write and perform better trivia. Forget about the mundane, the usual and the norm, what we are going to look at in the next week is a series of posts on how you can make the rounds you may be all too used to, that little bit more unique.


I have traveled the globe playing trivia and attended quiz nights in more places than I’ll ever remember, so I have seen a lot. It is safe to say that in the wide and competitive world, of trivia hosting there are certainly three kinds of setters….the good, the bad and the ugly. The ugly are the ones that are plain wrong with ill though out ideas and poor formatting, the bad are the ones that may have a good format but the questions are terrible and the good, well getting you to be good is exactly what we are looking at today.


Making Trivia Unique – The problem

The problem here is very clear and that is the fact that many people who write trivia stick to the same format when it comes to Sports Trivia. “And now here is the sports round…..” follows which 10 questions about sport neatly divided into making sure each sport is covered. Yes, this will appeal sometimes and yes it works in many quizzes around the globe, but the truly unique quizzes, the ones which draw the attention in a crowded market avoid this like the plague as the more mundane and repetitive a quiz gets, the less likely people are going to feel interested to come.


Making Trivia Unique – Sports Trivia – Mixing it up

So what you have to therefore do when it comes to Sports Rounds is to make your  sports trivia unique. Easier said than done? Indeed for a new trivia host or one who has been round the block so many times they have seen it all, adding diversity can be difficult but you just need to think outside the box.  Don’t just ask questions about Football, for example.  People will get burned out fast.  Ask a wide variety of sports questions that cover all angles of sporting.


Making Trivia Unique – Sports Trivia – Picture Rounds

Why not use a picture round here and there instead of mundane sports questions about boring statistics and winners of trophies, etc? In the past I have used all sorts ranging from famous players, identifying famous stadiums, identifying trophies, club badges, “In what year did this happen….the possibilities are endless and in any given year if you can make 10-12 of your weeks of sports rounds picture quizzes it will add diversity. Don’t just fall into the trap of making players and athletes to recognize though, mix it up with some of the ideas mentioned above.


Making Trivia Unique – Sports Trivia – Audio rounds

Audio can also be used….Who’s voice is this, which team is associated with this song, what event is this commentary from. All adds mixtures and diversity to your trivia night. I tend to maybe only use these type of questions in sets a few times a year. Never do a full round of audio but rather than asking 10 straight trivia questions maybe have one or two of the questions in that set accompanied with audio clips.


Taking Notes

Making Trivia Unique – Sports Trivia – List rounds

Take it from me, sports fans love lists and this is a great chance to get your players thinking. Give them a list asking for things like the top 10 most famous Brazil players, the last 10 teams to have won the super bowl, the ten quarter backs to have won MVP at a super bowl, the last 10 Stanley Cup winners. The list is literally endless, and sorry to sound corny, but the list question will give sports trivia fans endless amount of fun. There is also the option of ordering rounds where you present the list and the players have to order them….I did one in England once based around England International scorers and asked the teams to put a list of 10 names in order. Got very good feedback indeed.


So in summary we have looked at a range of issue across the board today –


  • Don’t be afraid to try new things
  • Make your sports round stand out
  • Use pictures, videos and music, even audio clips
  • Don’t just do 10 bog standard trivia questions
  • Love the list!


I explained clearly the problem and if you are sitting there, and that is something that you do as a trivia host, then there is no need to panic. Just think outside the box and take on board some of the ideas we have put forward in this post and then you will be well on your way to success. Forget about what you used to do and how you are used to doing things and you will start your path to unique trivia. Get stuck in a rut with the same format and same style and people will turn away, but keep it different, interesting and unique each and every time you go out there and you will be laughing all the way to the bank, with several new bookings and much more interest to hand.


That’s all for today folks and just to let you in on what is happening here on the blog in the next few days, we are going to break it down even further and look at more subjects and how to make them interesting so that by the end of this series of posts you will find yourself with the knowledge and advice on hand to be able to create a fun, unique and all round appealing trivia night.


Until next time, happy trivia hosting and if you have any requests for this series or indeed anything else on the blog just ask J

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