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Me First v.2 Wireless game buzzers — 12-user set (12-player + facilitator)

  • 13-piece starter kit consists of 12 wireless light-up player buzzers (batteries included)
  • 1 facilitator manage unit (batteries incorporated)
  • Total weight: significantly less than four pounds. RF variety is 80 feet.
  • Involve Every single student with this dynamite audience participation tool.

Give everybody a chance to answer your toughest inquiries with a Me First Personal Answer Dome (P.A.D.) at each seat. Participants will compete to answer your concerns and win points. Facilitator remote lets you pick regardless of whether to block out students who have already buzzed in or reset the system so that every person can answer.

The unit also characteristics Correct or Incorrect buzzer sounds on the Facilitator remote unit to give immediate feedback to learners! (can be turned on and off).
The program operates on a two.4 ghz wireless frequency complies with CE certification.

This 13-piece starter kit includes:
• 12 player P.A.D.s (batteries integrated), 3″ diam.
• 1 facilitator control unit (batteries incorporated)
• Total weight: less than 4 pounds.
• RF variety is 80 feet.
Simple to Play!

•Ask your question.(All P.A.D.s are YELLOW, in a Ready state.)
• Students “buzz” in with their answers by pressing on the dome of their P.A.D.
• As soon as a person buzzes in initial, the Facilitator Unit will light up GREEN. The participant to buzz in 1st will see their P.A.D. BLINK GREEN, signaling that he or she has the go-ahead to answer the query. All other participant P.A.D.s will light up RED to signify that their P.A.D.s are deactivated.

The buzzer sound on the Facilitator remote can be turned on or off. Each and every PAD uses 3 AAA batteries (incorporated). Buzzers will energy off automatically right after 45 minutes of non-use, or when teacher powers off via remote.

Expand the system up to 36 users! Further P.A.D.s sold individually.

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