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Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments

Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments

“Give you event that cutting edge by adding an element of competition and replicating the game shows seen on TV”


In the past month we have looked at ways in which to add an extra element of fun and diversity into your trivia nights and we have talked about more issues that I can remember. On this blog is a treasure trove of trivia information, hints, tips and views to help you make the most of your trivia technology and business, increase bookings and make more profits.


Today we are going to look at an idea of Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments. Rather than just have a few people involved in each round, Tournaments can give you that extra cutting edge in the market place and keep audiences engaged and thrills each week.  When you advertise on your website or Facebook page that you are doing Trivia Tournaments, there is a certain appeal to the phrase that will help drive traffic to your events.  More traffic to your events guarantees your contract renewal for the next contract period.


Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments – That Game Show Feel

In essence, the majority of people sitting in a venue playing trivia are going to be fans of game shows and trivia shows on TV so the closer you can come to replicating that idea the better it is going to be for you business wise. If you can add lights, drama, name cards…..anything and everything you can, the players will love it. And also, and actually quite crucially, the more professional and entertaining you make your night, the more people will flock back to see you again. If you create a Nightly Mini Trivia Tournament that encompasses all these elements you will be the talk of the town!


Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments – Getting everyone involved

Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments are also a good way of getting everyone involved. There are two types of trivia shows…..if you are using the type which involves selecting a bunch of players and putting them on stage then you always run the risk of exclusion and people feeling left out. If you run a mass team event then it can drag on all night and lack the pace to keep everyone’s attention. However, if you run Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments then you can get everyone involved. Open the entry to all, have a few quick rounds to eliminate the core of the players and then you have a line up for a final. Perfect! People are far far more likely to sit and watch a trivia show in a bar if the people playing are people that have knocked them out, family members or locals in the bar. It works for all that competitive edge that will come from getting people involved will hopefully become an addiction and they will keep on coming back week after week in the hope that they will one day make the final!


Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments – Using Game Show Systems

….and what better time to use the Game Show Systems we have mentioned many times on the blog than at Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments. People will be much more encouraged to play, watch and take part if the system and rules are something they known. It is much easier to get someone involved when they know what they are doing and it will make the night run much more smoothly if you don’t have to spend time devising rules and plans and making sure everyone understands.


Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments – The Grand Finale

One  other idea to go beyond Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments is to have some sort of Grand Final. We will be discussing this in a future blog post shortly.  But in essence once a month, twice quarter or a few times during a year (whatever works best for your numbers) have some sort of “Winners” night and host a Grand finale. Get a prize from a local sponsor or get the bar to front a few hundred dollars and then have all the people who have won the trivia contest in the past return to compete for the ultimate prize. Why is this a good idea? It gives people a reason to play and come to your venue and even if only maybe 6-7 people play in this then that means them, and their friends and family (because let’s face it they won’t come alone) will all be in the venue. The bar owner will love you even more than above.  We previously discussed how to get sponsors for your events, so be sure to incorporate this lucrative option to add more money to your pocket.

Buzzer System

One word of advice may be to limit the Tournaments you do run. If you do the same bar every week then you need to be sure you have an audience committed and loyal enough to come back all the time. Like anything too many Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments may result in their appeal being lost and you will find the opposite happens and rather than attract customers by something that is new and fresh you will end up driving them away with much of the same. Vary it up and maybe just have one a month in your local venue where you run normal trivia. Have themes so one week might be “Music” and the next “Sport” and then it gives a variety on it (although nothing too niche as you will exclude players).


In essence, using Tournaments will tap into people’s competitive nature. After all, people can say what they like and sugar coat it in any way they wish but any trivia night, no matter the style, format or the nature of the event is a contest and if you can produce the best, most compelling and most user friendly way of doing this then you are going to the  one who succeeds. Indeed, these Tournaments do not take much to run and many of you may already have the tools and devices needed to get going. See for yourself how Tournaments can improve audience participation, customer retention, profits and raise your profile. Advertising that you provide Nightly Mini Trivia Tournaments will also open you up to all sorts of new bookings and diversify your portfolio even more!

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