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Promoting yourself on the job with custom printed practical items

Promoting yourself on the job with custom printed practical items

“Ideas, suggestions and information on how to promote yourself on the job with customer printed practical items”


Welcome back to the blog. Being slap bang in the middle of a week, I hope your trivia hosting is going well and you have plenty in store. I hope you have been enjoying this week’s themes and the general information I have been given. Today we are going to look at a different kind of post and one that involve you investing some money in your “brand” and making some custom printed practical items to enhance the experience.


As I have said before this all depends on you as a trivia host and how many nights you are running. If you are doing the same quiz week in week out in the same venue at the same time then you probably don’t need the expense of the custom printed practical items. However, if you are doing several different venues a week and looking to always expand then building up a brand of our services is a good idea.


The first reason why it is a good idea is that it is looks professional. We have mentioned in other posts the need and benefits of keeping everything as professional as you can (see posts on banners, lightning and websites etc). This is going to make people enjoy their night more, give them a better impression of you and increase bookings.


The other reason is that it gets your name out there. Making people aware of your brand name or company name can only help you in the long run. Let us have a look at what you can do.

Promoting yourself on the job with custom printed practical items – Answer Sheets

If you are a pen and paper trivia host:  One good way and simple way to get your name out there and get your logo in the eyes of your customers is to make sure the logo, name and some form of contact details appears on your answer sheets. I always find it laughable that a trivia host goes to that extent of putting together a quiz and then handing it out on scrap paper. Get your logo on everything, the picture round, the answer sheets and the scrap paper. Then nobody is going to forget who you are!


Promoting yourself on the job with custom printed practical items – Banners

There is a separate post on banners elsewhere on the site so just to recap what I said there. Having a backdrop of a banner with your logo, maybe links to your social media, and phone numbers etc will help boost your business and make everything seem more appealing.


Promoting yourself on the job with custom printed practical items – Pens

The debates I have had over this issue! Right, let us first set the record nice and straight. Branded pens are not much more expensive than normal pens. As a quiz master you have to be providing pens anyway and 99% of customers will leave them. There will only be a few cents difference between a branded pen and a normal pen so the cost isn’t much higher. People always say the same to me “What if people steal the pens?”. Say you loose 1-2 pens a week to people taking them home…..big deal?

Yes, obviously for sustainable business reasons make an effort to get the pens back but the way I look at it is simpler….if someone steals a pen and takes it home, at least it reminds them of you. Next time they are at home filling in a crossword or writing a bill they will see your pen and think…..”oh yeah, lets go back to play trivia”.


Promoting yourself on the job with custom printed practical items – Coasters

In my time I have encouraged many many bars I have worked in to get my logo and name on the reverse side of beer mats. Easy, cheap (usually free if you can convince the bar owner enough) and direct in the customers face – As well as advertising the quiz night you are about to run it also makes sure people know your facebook links etc….get it all on there


Promoting yourself on the job with custom printed practical items – USB Sticks

This sounds expensive but it really isn’t. I once purchased 100 branded USB sticks for $75 for a gig that was paying $750. There needed to be something to take away from the gig and I put all the quiz questions and some free fun trivia rounds on the stick and have them all to the players. As a long term thing this wont work as it means you will be out of profit quick, but if you are looking at a short term measure for a one off high paying gig them go for it


Promoting yourself on the job with custom printed practical items – Business Cards

Simply, cheap and effective…..I would clear this with the venue owner first but if they are okay with it then it may be good to get a business card given out to every player as you are taking the papers round or collecting in the answers. Stick your social media details, all your phone numbers, business name, service name etc and you will be getting your name out there. Even if you only get 2-3 bookings a year from this method the profit will outweigh the relatively cheap cost of doing it. Seek online as these are probably cheaper than you are thinking!




There we have it then, another round of tips I hope some of you will find useful and informative. Branding really does work in other ways too as if the more lucrative corporate gigs ever come they are far more likely to go for a host who has branded all their stuff and made the effort to look professional.


So that’s the end of another post, thanks again for the comments, ideas and suggestions and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Stay tuned to the blog for more daily updates and until next time…..happy trivia hosting.


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