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Quiz of the Day!

A range of Trivia questions to test yourself on for today. Enjoy!

  1. Which sport was Henry VIII alleged to have been playing when he was informed about he execution of Anne Boleyn?
  2. “At the Piano” and “The White Girl” were paintings by which artist?
  3. In the late 1860’s Wimbledon, now best known as a Tennis venue, was first used as a venue for which sport?
  4. In The Dictator Sacha Baron Coen plays the role of the leader of which fictional African state?
  5. James Figg is often credited with setting up the first club for what sport?
  6. Who invented the vulcanisation of rubber process?
  7. Which famous brother of a member of the Beatles was in the band The Scaffold?
  8. Mollie King is a singer in which girl group?
  9. Who was the first team to win the football European Championships on two occasions?
  10. A Poll by the UN this week named where as the wettest country in the world based on annual rainfall?



Answers –


1. Real Tennis

2. James Whistler

3.  Croquet

4. Wadiya

5. Boxing

6. Charles Goodyear

7. Mike McCartney

8. The Saturdays

9. Netherlands

10. Guinea

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