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Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia

Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia

“Using Trivia to reinforce learning in an educational environment”

Welcome back to the blog and today’s subject on the world of trivia comes from a slightly different avenue than the others. Rather than look at the world of business and making money within the world of trivia hosting, we are today going down a different route and are taking a look at the educational sector.


Now, this is far form the first time we have mentioned the education sector on the blog, indeed if you scroll through the history of this blog you will see a wide range of posts and topics on several issues that could help you if you work, or indeed are seeking to work, in that kind of environment.



Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia – Keeping the learners engaged

One main subject when running the seminar is the issue of keeping the learners engaged. I know this as my past being a tutor of quite challenging adult learners taught me the key aspects of the learning cycle is assessment, teaching and learning in one circle that goes round and round. Without each stage being completed then the one previous cannot be and you end up in a mess. If you do not have the attention of the learners, just as if you lack the attention of any audience, then you will find it a massive struggle to continue and get the group motivated. One way of doing this is via trivia and what you can do is ensure the trivia is well used and it will keep the learner engaged. Make sure throughout the seminar you are testing the learners, putting them on the spot with trivia questions and it will keep them engaged as they wont want to look foolish in front of their peers. Also, it will aid the learning as students will try more and more to ensure they are taking information in, make notes and want to remember things so in essence it has duplicate effects. A good seminar involves discussion, learning and trivia!


Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia – Testing Knowledge

Using the trivia in a seminar is also a good way for you, as the trainer or teacher to see just how far your learners have come and just how much they have been taking in. See if they have done that reading assigned, test whether the discussion has been used effectively and find out what your students know and what they do not know and this is where trivia is such a vital tool!

Wireless Buzzers for Seminars

Wireless Buzzers for Seminars

It will help you plan the next lessons understand what needs worked on and get a full and better grip of exactly what needs to be included in the next session. Without trivia how can you know what is being learned quickly and effectively?

Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia – Testing if your teaching is working!

Trivia is also an instant and clear way to see if what you are doing is working. Every class, group or subject may require different strategies and different ways to deliver and remember information. Every group, in fact every learner, reacts differently to what is said to them and they learn at different paces so as a trainer it is your job to be on the ball and keep a pace with what is going on and one sure fire way of making sure that you do this to a good effect is via asking on the spot trivia questions. If the group start to get it right and start to answer easily then its time to really set ahead and ramp up the pace, but if they struggle with the questions it is clear you need to slow down and revisits manners.


If none of your group are getting the questions right then its maybe a sign you need to change your whole approach.

Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia – Making sure the work is done!

….and in a much cheekier way, using trivia is another sure fire way to making sure that the learners are taking in information and reading what you ask. If you set a reading list for the next seminar and you don’t test the learners in any tangible way, they may get away with not doing the work but if they know, that as soon as they enter your class room for a seminar that you are going to start throwing a range of trivia questions at them they are sure going to make time to so the reading and they are certainly going to make sure they remember key information, all of which enforces the long term effect of the learner learning what you are teaching.

So, therefore you can from this that trivia is a vital cog in the whole learning process as it –

  • Enhances seminars by making learners think about the subject matter
  • Ensures learners do the assigned reading
  • Tests your teaching methods
  • Gives the learners and you an idea of how much they know.

If, prior to reading this, you were running seminars without using trivia then it may be a good time to start now as you sure have been missing out on what is a simple, yet very very effective educational tool.  You will see an almost instant impact in terms of enjoyment, the engagement of the learners and the reaction of the groups to what you do. Try it and see for yourself, the best thing is its simple work as it is subject matter you will be able to be confident on so can probably reel off good trivia without so much as thinking!

Anyway, please stay tuned to the blog for further daily updates and with some exiting topics coming up, no matter what your needs are there will be something to get your teeth stuck into.

As always, if you have any requests or need any further help in your quest to make a living from trivia then feel free to get in touch, but until next time…happy trivia hosting!

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