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Topics for Trivia – Spicing up the Geography Round

Topics for Trivia – Spicing up the Geography Round

“Ideas on jazzing up the rounds to avoid the mundane and keeping your quiz as fresh and original as it can be”

Welcome back to the blog and I hope you found the last few posts helpful. In the latest batch I have been trying to cater for everyone, whether you are an experienced trivia host, new to the game or just considering starting out. This post however is aimed at all of you and there will be things contained it to suit even the most established of trivia hosts.


What you need in your trivia business is some sort of unique factor. This is not only to appeal to the person hiring you who is going to pay all that money to have you run a trivia event in their location (and hopefully bring in plenty of business along the way) but also its too entertain and satisfy your customer base. The more interesting and unique it is the better.


You may find what I am going to say a little bit unnecessary but believe me, from my vast experience…it works wonders. I am talking of course about not only the topics to include in your quiz but also the way you name them and the way you run them.


If every single week you do the same overarching quizzes with the standard round names of History, Geography, etc then people will get bored. I did start off with the intention of having a mammoth post of all subjects but decided that instead we will run this through a series of posts looking at ways and ideas in which you can really spice up each round.


Let us start with the Geography Round –


Topics for Trivia – Spicing up the Geography Round – The Problem?

Geography is one of those subjects where trivia hosts can easily take the lazy route. How many quizzes have you been too where week in week out the trivia host always asks about the same set of subjects…..a question on capital cities, a question on rivers, a question on flags….it soon starts to bore. But geography trivia is one of the most interesting subject and one subject where you as a trivia host can be really creative.


Topics for Trivia – Spicing up the Geography Round – Picture ideas

To add some really variety to your quiz, one thing you can think about doing is moving away from the idea of normal questions altogether and once in a while have a geography round involving pictures or images. I am not talking basic stuff here….we have all played in a flag round once or twice and after a few flags they get boring. That is way better than asking questions however but there are other better idea to consider.


One I do from time to time is a “Where in the World?” picture round. This involves giving each team a basic layout of the world. Then I saw things like…..”Question 1) On your map add the number 1 to the country which you think has the highest number of volcanoes in the world?” or if I am making it easy “Question 2) – On Your Map add a number 2 next to the country which is home to the world famous Bondi Bach?”. The options here for creativity are endless, players can always have a go but you have to be careful to ask reasonable questions that are going to be easy to mark. And you have to have a range in your head of how much you can allow…..obviously if you ask of the location of Algeria and someone is way down in South America then you mark it wrong, but what if they are in Morocco which is next door? If you ask the questions right though you should avoid this problem altogether.

Other good ideas – outlines of countries, routes of rivers etc all map based questions. In which country is this? Style picture rounds where you show a landmark and the teams identify in which country is.

Already you should be beginning to see the fun in which geography rounds can be turned into. I have almost completely moved away from asking Geography based trivia questions in the full round.


Topics for Trivia – Spicing up the Geography Round – Rankings Rounds


……and on that theme another round I have used from time to time is the rankings round. I will give a team a list and they have to order it. This works as a table question so they see then list in front of them. Its handy to use when making other rounds or when you need a rest from talking. So, to give you an example….what I will use is say a list of ten countries and say “Order then based on population” or a list of American States and ask “Order then in size based on land mass” Something that requires some thought….


However, there can be overkill here. Every week you do not want to be asking your players to order geographical lists so instead you want to mix it up. This will make more sense in the long run when you have read all the posts about improving the topics of your quiz and trivia night.

Here are some great resources for Geography trivia sites:

Geography Trivia site 1

Geography Trivia site 2

Geography Trivia site 3


I hope this has helped, making interesting geography questions for a pub based trivia event has been tough and one of the toughest things I have faced in my ten years as a trivia host. But I hope sharing the above information will make it easier for you to get this issue sorted. As mentioned, this will be a theme over the next weeks…maybe every 3-4 posts this theme will pop up and we will look a little more closer at how you can make sure that your trivia rounds are as fun and entertaining as they can be. I intend to certainly look at Sports, History, Current Affairs and the Arts (as well as music and Entertainment) but as always if you are struggling with any rounds let me know and Ill do my best to compose a post!

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