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Tried and Tested Formats to Ensure Success

Tried and Tested Formats to Ensure Success

“Tips and Hints on sticking to game show formats people know and love to ensure a great night for all”


Welcome back to the blog and I hope you have had an eventful month. It is that time of year again when business starts to pick up, Xmas and New Year celebrations always go better with trivia so this entry today marks the first in a series of posts that will ensure you are then person that gets hired for those all important jobs! There are plenty of jobs out there and we have to make sure that you, and no one else, is the person getting them!


What we are going to look at today, is one of the various methods you may employ to try and get the most sales, try and get most interested and above all give your customers an experience they want to come back to time and time again.


Especially at this time of year, your customers are looking for something run, easy to play and that doesn’t require a degree to work out the rules of. Something they are familiar and can play without a course of studying the rules. We are talking about the game show formats


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Why use these formats?

Using formats people are familiar with is a no-brainer – it means that you can spend as little time as possible explaining rules and people won’t need to remember new formats, instead they can focus on simply relaxing, playing the game and having fun. It is also a lot more appealing and is more likely to get people in through the door if they know what they are going to be playing.


So, what exactly are you talking  about I hear you ask. Well let me divulge….here are some simple, tried and tested formats to introduce into your repertoire to maximise the chances of success for you and in your trivia hosting business.
Battle of the Sexes

Always goes down well and parties and more social occasions. Is never going to work in a serious pub quiz or trivia contest scenario but in situations such as office parties or Christmas occasions then it will always work a treat. Get a good format in mind, a good mix of questions (make sure some of them are funny) and always make sure there is a light hearted approach to this type of game.
Newlywed Game

Bit of a more niche one but I have started adding this into my repertoire and it really works for parties and anniversary dinners and such like. Involves research and again you need to make sure the fun element comes first.
Fact or Crap

Simple, easy to write and gets people thinking. Sometimes people don’t want to sit down with a pen and paper and write down answers and sometimes they just want a simple game, true or false, and then that works a treat! True or False has been used before to great success and indeed some failures but the one thing you have to consider here is that you have to, and I repeat have to, make each and ever single question you put forward interesting. “Paris is the capital of France” is not an interesting questions and requires no though. “The largest man ever born grew to be 8ft 9” tall” at least requires a little bit of thought and effort to go through.

Name that Tune – Music Trivia

Always a sure fire way to win the casual audience over. You have to be careful here though if you are using audio clips as you have to remember above all else that it has to be a quiz the people will know and enjoy. So many people setting quizzes make it all about the personal taste of the trivia host and not what the audience want to hear. Keep it fresh, keep it to things people will have heard and make sure majority of your players will score 70% plus.

“Survey Says” – Lightning round

Finally, one of the most popular and enduring formats since it was created has been based on a well known tv series, depending on where about in the world you live, either Family Fortunes or Family Feud. This is the type of round that barely needs explaining to your players as they have to guess what the “survey said”. Throw in whacky questions and interesting questions and you will get a whole host of answers and laughs. It is a format 99.9% of your people will know and be familiar with and makes your job a lot easier.


So all we have looked at a number of factors –

  • You need to make sure your trivia stands out by providing a range of activities and options for your players
  • The more you offer the more successful you will be
  • The more you try and the more though you put in the more you will get booked

And we have also looked at the reason customers like the same formats as covered above –

  • They already know how to play
  • They don’t need hours and hours of practice
  • Anyone and everyone can just pick up and play


So there we go, at the end of the day, as I keep saying time and time again on this blog, the way to keep ahead of the game in the trivia industry is to keep everything fresh and new and fun for your players. Without this you are going to fail and you will end up on the receiving end of a lack of business.


Thanks for taking the time to read the return of the blog today and as mentioned above in the run up to Christmas we will look at some other areas that will help boost your business. If you have any feedback, thoughts or suggestions on the blog or indeed any requests for subjects to be covered, please let me know J


Until then, happy trivia hosting…..

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