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Trivia for Bar/Lounge and Pub Shows

Trivia for Bar/Lounge and Pub Shows

Bars and pub owners across the globe share one common aim….to get people into the bar buying drinks. The bar may have great décor, staff with customer service brilliance and a fantastic range of drinks but if there is no one in the bar then it is not succeeding. Whatever time of day it may be bar owners, in the modern world, need to think of ways to attract customers in and have them staying there. Some will install games machines, pool tables, dart boards….others will have singers, loud music and DJ’s. All well and good but sometimes that’s not what people want, they want to have their mind taken off the working day and enjoy themselves with something unique. This is where Trivia comes in.


The success of apps like Quizup and internet sites such as Sporcle as well as the continual running of large numbers of quiz shows on TV is proof enough that people love a trivia game and a test of their knowledge so if you are a bar owner looking to “think outside of the box” and attract customers in why not use Trivia to do so. It works, is easy to do correctly, and it could take your business onto the next level.


But don’t stop there. We also need to “think outside the box” when it comes to the kind of trivia delivered. If, as I am saying, your aim as a bar owner is to get people into the bar maybe the fact that they will have to sit and write trivia answers on paper will put  them off. If I had been slaving in the office writing documents all day the last thing I want to given is another piece of paper when I am supposed to be enjoying myself.  So why not make the night even more unique by using a buzzer system. Easy to use and install and widely appealing. If you are looking to truly immerse your player into the trivia event you are running then using buzzers could be the way to do that.


As a trivia host this will also help sell your ideas to bar owners. DJ’s may be cheap, entertainers may be frequent but you need to convince the bar owner of the merits of trivia. As long as you have confidence in the buzzer product you are using then it will shine.  With minimal sales pitching and demonstrations you are half way to where you need to be. After a long day at work in the hustle and bustle of the city perhaps some people don’t want noise, loud music and “in your face DJ’s”. They want to relax and unwind and a buzzer based trivia system is proven, in my experience, to appeal here. People can talk, the atmosphere is not too loud and above all else the trivia is fun to play and takes customers minds off their working day.


Mix this in with happy hour and you are onto a winner. The trick to doing this, and we did briefly cover this in another post, is making sure you have a happy hour in which the trivia begins half way through. The bar owner will be relying on you as the trivia host to ensure that customers stay in the bar so in that half an hour you have to create fun, lively and engaging trivia so that as happy hour ends the customers want to stay and play your trivia game beyond happy hour. You need to be on top form and ensure that the customers aren’t only their for the cheap drinks but also have come along for your trivia. Get it right and word will spread, believe me, and you will soon find yourself laughing all the way to the bank.  See these articles how to host a trivia night and also the Economics of Trivia Night.


At the end of the day the one single reason a bar hires you as a trivia host is to get people in. If they are paying you $50 and you aren’t raising revenues by that much you will soon find you are out of the door and back looking for a bar to host in. You have to get people in, it is that simple. Read this discussion on how to have successful trivia nights from referrals.  Forget what you think you know, what you “assume” works or any daft principles or trivia hang ups you may have. You are there to perform a trivia night that works and that works for the people. In time, as you get to know your players this becomes easy and you need to always, and I mean always, be aware of customer needs and wants.

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