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Trivia Hosting – Hint, Tips and Ideas – Recap

Trivia Hosting – Hint, Tips and Ideas – Recap

“A recap of the past 25 entries covering all the hints, tips and information given in one handy guide”


Welcome back to the blog! I hope you are well. Today I am presenting you with an entry that is a little bit different to the norm. Rather than look at a new subject in depth, as we usually do around these here parts, we are going to briefly recap some of the subjects covered in previous blogs for you perusal and as a useful way to commit key points to your memory –


  • We discussed various theme nights and how creating irregular themed quizzes can get a different kind of person into the bar. Whether it be Star Wars Trivia, Sports specialism or History buffs, there is a market out there just begging to be exploited.
  • Adding trivia to your DJ Services – throwing in games to win drinks, facts to entertain the audience and contests to make sure the service you are offering is as unique as possible
  • Using trivia in educational seminars to re-enforce learning and making sure your students are reading the material by putting the pressure of a test on them
  • Ensuring you create a mailing list to keep in touch with past clients, facebook groups and the benefits of a newsletter. Paying the occasional visit in person also will help to boost business.
  • We looked at how the importance of putting high energy games into your trivia services in certain venues will reap rewards, keep the party going and make sure the customers wanted to return week after week
  • The importance of making sure that any precious money and investment you are making go to the right companies and the right sort of products. Researching your companies before you invest and making sure you used a company, such as DigiGames, who is going to offer you not only the cutting edge in products but also ongoing support and free updates.
  • Remember what we said about hosting contests for serious trivia players? An entirely different kettle of fish altogether with the increased need for quality questions, accuracy and questions that will provoke and challenge even the most seasoned players.
  • The importance and effectiveness a good, updated and well managed blog can have for your site. Including relevant information, questions, samples and above all a general promotion of the services you offer.
  • We looked at how you could make a successful movie quiz night by including effective picture rounds, audio rounds and tag lines rather than just the usual run of the mill “who won xxx Oscar” etc etc
  • Ensuring bonus questions are used correctly we looked at how you can use them to keep the scores tight and encourage the weaker teams to play by ensuring they end up not being too far behind. Bonus questions can be used to spread out prizes and above all else to give players and teams who never have a chance of winning, an incentive to come back.
  • A trivia game that includes cheating…google rounds etc. Embracing some cheating to try and stamp it out on a wider scale but we also looked at making sure the whole quiz didn’t become a “who is the best at cheating” debacle
  • We established the common pitfalls and issues that every trivia host faces and talked about the need to make sure that as well as keeping the players engaged as well as, more importantly, buying drinks. With one not the other there would be trouble!!
  • How to carry out the cold call, the importance of choosing the right time so you aren’t coming in when they are overly busy but you are catching someone with influence to make the sale and seal the deal.
  • Using trivia in business meetings and more importantly ways in which you can use your pre-existing technology and gadgets to rent out to companies to use in their business meetings and events. We looked at how to drive sales and explain to the employers and business what it was all about!
  • Ensuring your sales pitch is solid – Now this sounds simple but so many trivia hosts spend their time getting their questions and formats just right, which don’t get me wrong is of course very very important but at the end of the day if you neglect the sales pitch you are setting yourself up for a fail. You have to be able to both talk the talk and walk the walk in the trivia hosting game and having a sales pitch that is going to have the customers reaching for their diaries will make sure you get success.
  • How using TV show formats within your trivia night can be both appealing and lucrative. The advantage being you are using formats people are familiar with and won’t have to really think about as they already know the roles….easier for you and easier for them!
  • How your show would benefit from investing in a projector and screen to really show off what you can do! Presentation being important, vital and essential to every aspect of what you do.

So, that just wraps up everything you have been reading about lately. Obviously the above only scratches the surface of what was covered in each of the associated entries on the subject so if you are wanting to expand any of the subjects above, have look through the blog and all will be there.


I hope this has helped and that the recap has proved beneficial. We will be starting on a new batch of subjects soon, so as usual if you have any requests, ideas or just feedback in general then let us know.


Until then, happy trivia hosting!

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