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Using Social Media for Trivia Bookings

Using Social Media for Bookings

“Tips and advice on how to use Social Media sites to increase your bookings”

Welcome back to the blog. I hope quizzing is treating you well and after giving you some time to mull over the review post of recent activity on the blog, it is time to start looking at a new set of categories all with the aim of assisting you in getting the most out of your trivia nights and your trivia business.


I know we have talked about social media on this blog in many many cases over the last few months but that is because it is so darn essential to your aims and ambitions as a quiz host. No matter where in the world you are, I can guarantee you, the quiz nights that have the best promotion on social media will be the ones attracting the big business. Without social media you can run a trivia night yes, but it won’t be as well attended and you wont get noticed.


The main subject here though is not necessarily going to be looking at getting people in via social media, as we have already looked at this in depth in other posts, but instead we are looking at the way in which you can use social media to enhance bookings and get employers interested. When I talk about Social Media what I actually mean is three sites only….Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. All the likes of Instagram and Snapchat aren’t necessary and will result in zero bookings so you will be wasting your time. But there is also a way to buy instagram followers without paypal these days.

Here are my essential tips…


Using Social Media For Bookings – Get your page right!

The temptation when you set up a social media account is to get as many followers and as many people looking at your page as possible. Yes, in the long run this is what you are aiming for but before this can begin to happen you need to put the effort into making the page look appealing and look professional. You don’t want your page to be looked at when it hasn’t been prepared do you? Imagine a potential customer looks when your empty without the images and links you want….could be a totally wasted booking. Concentrate on effort and time in making the page look good before you start attracting people


Using Social Media For Bookings – Regular Updates!

There is nothing less appealing for a business than if they decide to have a social media page which is never ever updated. If all you are going to is set the page up and only update it when you feel like doing so, you may as well not bother as at the end of the day if you don’t put the effort in then why should somebody put the effort into bothering hiring you for a job. What you need is an active, well managed page. If any spam or adverts appear, get rid of them. Make sure you have a regular stream of uploads whether it be thanking customers, advertising your next night.


Using Social Media For Bookings – Contact Details

This point may seem a little simple but so many people forget this…..make sure that there is a way of contacting you on the pages. Add emails, urls to websites and phone numbers and enable direct messages. I have found that many times I have been trying to get in touch with someone I have noticed on social media and not been able to find any way of getting in touch with them. Annoying and potentially deadly to your business.


Using Social Media For Bookings – Look busy

There is something else that is going to really put customers off hiring you and that is if you don’t look busy. The best social media sites will highlight activities, show dates of events and have customer comments. “Great event last night…see you next week”…a comment from a normal user can be worth a lot in terms of then selling yourself to potential hires. Make sure you list events as it then looks like you are doing something right!…That leads onto to the next point…



Using Social Media For Bookings – Get your customers using the site

As mentioned above, there is very little more appealing to a potential hirer than if they see plenty of customers loving you. But to be able to add this ever so precious feedback to your site the customers need to be are it exists. Advertise it on your quiz sheets, trivia software games, and mention it over the microphone and perhaps have bonus point or prize round that involves posting something up on one of your social media pages. A good idea I had once was a jackpot round, where rather than pay the only people entered into it were people who posted on the facebook page or liked a certain page.

Once I even put the answer to the question on my Twitter feed and only entered people who retweeted. So for example….I had “In what year was xxxxx?” then on my Twitter tweets I have 1948 as one, 1988 as another and customers had to retweet the right answer.


So, there we have it….you can now see the use of social media can be very very important to you when it comes to boosting your business. Please remember –


  • Always ensure you are professional
  • Regular updates are vital and essential
  • Make sure you keep information accurate and correct
  • Don’t overload with information


So that is all for today, I hope you have found this some use, and I know we have talked about social media before, but no matter business you are running these days, there is nothing more useful or important as social media than getting your business booming at off the ground.


Stay tuned for the next set of updates in the coming dates when we look at more hints, tips, ideas and examples for you to enhance, boost and raise your game when it comes to entertaining your audience and securing the bookings.


Until next time, happy trivia hosting….

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