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Using Trivia for Academics

Using Trivia for Academics

Thus far in the blog we have looked at all kind of uses for Trivia (with a lot more to come so keep your eyes peeled). In a recent post we looked at the benefits of using trivia in schools and how it can add to, and enhance, the teaching and learning cycle. In order to add further to this I am now going to look at how Trivia can be used in other areas of Academics.


Firstly, I would just like to recap on what we have previously given information on. In a nutshell, Trivia is a vital tool to use for you as a teacher to check a learners understanding, to make them feel more engaged and to check if your teaching is working. You know full well that if ALL your class are scoring low marks then you need to put things right. We also mentioned the very valid point that Trivia ensures learners are engaged as they are more likely to take notice if they know a test of ten questions is coming up!


But in this post I am going to talk about an idea I had and used in various schools on previous occasions and that’s the use of Trivia to enhance learning via a Trivia Tournament. You may have heard of Quizbowl and this is something similar which enhances learning and shows how you as a Trivia host can use Academics to boost business.  The National Trivia League is an interesting read.


Initially, you separate the school (or year group mainly) into teams. This may be easier than you imagine as the school may already have houses, tutor groups, learning ranks etc in which you can therefore easily divide. Most schools have some form of divide and will already run sports events based on this so your Trivia event will appeal to the non-sporty people while keeping the tradition on in-house competition.

  • Devise some sort of tournament set up where each team plays the same number of games.
  • Round Robins usually work well here as it means every team is involved.
  • Don’t use a knockout as after one game half your players will have nothing to do.


Ideally, you want a stage and an audience to create that gameshow feel. You may have the buzzers, lights etc to give it a unique touch. The players will feel much more involved if you have a professional set up and this will contribute to your aims of using trivia for academics. Use a buzzer style game to encourage quick thinking, have it be the first to xxx number of points with deductions for players who buzz in early and are wrong…you know the drill.


What about the questions? Well here is when the use of Trivia for Academics really comes into play. Make the questions about the syllabus they are learning. Chances are you will have had a good few weeks to prepare so spend some time with the teachers, ask for their help and devise fun and interesting questions that will not only entertain but will help cement and improve the knowledge of the students. If you time if right and have this in the 4-5 weeks before major exams it will really help the students focus on revision and help boost their knowledge. If you have a room full of audience members as well they will all be hearing the answers, taking in the information and expanding their knowledge and thus raising their test scores without even realizing.


The competition element will also encourage learners to take in more knowledge, revise more and make learning facts they may have found boring a little bit more vital.


Most school sadly have not thought or considered this type of Trivia but it is your job as a trivia host to convince them otherwise. Put together a solid pitch with the key points I have mentioned and stress throughout you are not just offering a social event but you can offer an event which combines fun, team building, competition and above all else learning. If you tell your schools that the trivia will be based on the syllabus and that it help in all the ways I have mentioned above, Principals will start to stake interest as in this day and age as its all above grade scores. It will also be a very rewarding, enjoyable and gig for you as a Trivia host  and good well be very lucrative to your business. Don’t ignore what could be a goldmine!

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