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Using Trivia for Business Meetings

Using Trivia for Business Meetings

“Using Trivia to ensure a business meeting runs smoothly and keeping the information retained and relevant”


Welcome back to the blog! I hope you are having a fun day and that your trivia hosting has been going well. The hints and tips contained in this blog will hopefully be helping you produced a more enjoyable, more interactive and above all else, as this is why we are in the trade, more profitable business. Competition is high and times are tough so the more help you can get the better.


Today we are going to move away from the “making money in bars” ideas we have been looking at over the last few weeks and instead we are going to continue the series of posts that look at other uses for trivia and how using trivia in other circumstances can be of huge benefit to many different people. Now then, what is todays subject I hear you ask?….Well, today we are going to look at the quite tricky area of using trivia for business meetings.

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Using Trivia for Business Meetings – Adding a bit of fun and Breaking the Mood

The one way in which I have found trivia to be extra useful is when trying to really spice up the meeting. Maybe it’s the fifth meeting of the month, the staff have been working hard and you have to hit them with a mundane business meeting? Maybe you have a rocky relationship developing with another business and you are eager to stop the downward flow? This is where trivia can play a huge part. Get trivia on board and it breaks the mold and adds fun to the meeting. This will improve the mood, make the meeting much much more productive and above all else make you stand out. If you entertain people a little bit they are more likely to listen to what you say!


Using Trivia for Business Meetings – Reinforcing information

If it’s an internal business meeting you are hosting where you are making the best efforts to relay information to the staff about upcoming projects, changes or information they need to know then trivia will help reinforce information. Why not use trivia as the end of the meeting, or at the meeting afterwards, to check what the staff were paying attention to and whether they will listen? I can guarantee you from experience that if you tell your workers, colleagues or learners that there is going to be a test on the information you are relaying then it will genuinely make them pay more interest, make the information go in and make them want to learn it not only for the company but also so they are not embarrassed in front of colleagues.


At the end of the day whatever the purpose of the meeting you need the people in there to go away having remembered what you told them and knowing what you were trying to convey and you can do this easily and simply with a trivia round or a test on what was learned. Trivia as we have seen can be used in every which way and for any event possible and you would be daft, as a manager, not to utilize its potential in the cut and thrust world of meetings and staff training.


Using Trivia for Business Meetings – Attracting customers

If the business meeting you are conducting is more aimed at bringing in new business and appealing to customers the more you can make it appealing and different the better and the way to do this could be through the use of your trivia skills. Hosting a game of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” or “Family Fortunes” to highlight the product you are trying to sell will help business remember you and want to do business with you. If one meeting is a boring, lame, fact packed conversation and yours is a fun packed half hour of trivia Games and enjoyment then who are they going to go with?


Using Trivia for Business Meetings – Hire out your equipment.

If you are sitting there with a wide range of expensive equipment and items doing nothing 5 days of the week then you I am afraid my friend are missing out on earning opportunities. You need to make as much money as you can when you can in this trade and without maximizing your chances you will be left behind. What you need to do is go into local business and offer to hire your equipment for sales and business meetings. Tell them all about the benefits I have mentioned above and make sure they fully grasps how important it can be. Showcase what you can do, advertise online, have a little page on your website about the hire prices and what is available and its another avenue of income. Good idea isn’t it?


I hope this post has helped you think outside the box a little more and I am sure once you start putting the aforementioned points into practice you will reap the rewards. I am always here to help so if you need any further information on the subjects we have covered today feel free to get in touch and we will make sure they are answers.


Just to recap on the idea of Using Trivia for Business Meetings –

  • Break the mood, bond the team and get trivia involved to create a better mood
  • Use trivia to make sure your staff and clients are listening to you
  • Test their knowledge of the company to identify training needs
  • Get customers involved by giving a unique business meeting
  • Make the most of your investment by hiring out


So, yet again, you can continue to see the diverse use of trivia and how it can really be used in any situation for any purposes. Keep thinking outside of the box as the more you narrow your options the more you are going to find yourself making money and improving your business.



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