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Using Trivia for Church Events

Using Trivia for Church Events


In our continued series looking at different venues in which you advertise, sell and execute your trivia services, we are today going to looking into Church Trivia. Yes…it is a thing. Churches have fundraisers to plan, events to organized, youth learning groups to manage, and a social role in any community.  So they are always on the lookout for unique events, fresh ideas and entertaining social occasions with which to entertain the people. Here are few insights and guides into using trivia for church events


Using Trivia for Church Events – The Approach

As with any line of work within the trivia industry it is no good rushing into a church all guns blazing and telling them how great you are. A high energy sales pitch that you might use to secure bar bookings will certainly will not work here. You need to, as with every pitch, plan and prepare your ideas…..what are you going to say? What samples will you use? How are you going raise the issues of pricing and cost?…..all this needs time, patience and a little bit of research. Yes….research. As a trivia host you should not be afraid to do research into anything as I am assuming you research your questions well anyway, so make sure that you research your venues as one without the other is pointless.


So what you need to do is look into the church itself….what events does it usually run? Is it a big church within the community or is attendance sparse? What kind of entertainment have they booked before? What are the space requirements at the church?…all these matter. If it’s a local church with 20-odd regulars that never run events you are wasting your time. Aim for the large events that you know run fundraising events and such like.  You have an advantage with a church you already attend.  Additionally, be sure to talk to your church-going family members to gain insight into what events their church as organized and inquire as to the sort of youth groups they manage.


When you meet with the person in charge, do not go in there with a business-like approach. You are not there, as in a bar, to get game players in and keep them buying drinks. You are providing entertainment to help raise funds for the church more than likely and you have to show how you are worth this.  Make this a key point of your presentation. Also speak about the community, nature of your quiz, and how it will get people working together. Do a quick sample of bible-trivia and show your capabilities. There are many sources available on-line for Bible Trivia Questions. Tell the church how you are going to help them.


In essence though…planning, preparation and research is essential before a pitch to any Church!


Using Trivia for Church Events – The Kids

Don’t forget about the children. The church may run events where children are the main target…magicians, DJ’s, entertainers, bouncy castles…..if that’s the style the church usually goes for (which is exceptionally rare, but it does happen) then you will have to consider this throughout. In terms of getting the gig you have to make sure you are selling it to the church not just as an educational event but as a fun event. Mention how the technology you have can reinforce the kids bible knowledge for example……Surely a great way to learn rather than just pen and paper is to have unique trivia contests like Clobber or a buzzer style quiz. This will add learning to the fun, encourage children to revisit older texts and get them more involved in learning…..the church has a purpose to educate and inform so tell them how you can help the children do this.



Using Trivia for Church Events – Balancing the Questions

Now comes the trickiest part. You need to give yourself ample time to research and read around the subjects you are going to be delivering trivia on. Therefore, if you are a little behind on your bible studies then don’t book a trivia event for tomorrow….instead give yourself time to read into subject material, have a quick check of your questions and make sure there are no contentious issues. Whatever your religious views the trivia you are delivering needs to cater the answer so you need to devise questions with clear answers….if the answer you want is vague, or if the answer can be worded many different ways then you are failing your audience. Religion and religious texts are full of ambiguity, open terms and often confusing issues so you have to make sure, beyond doubt that what you are asking has a definite answer. Otherwise, your trivia night is going to fail,


Enquire with the church on what they would like from a trivia event. Some may not want to educate more and more bible works in case of your errors or the simple fact that the day may be a fun day away from the usual subjects and away from the usual thoughts. They may want you to do a music quiz, use a game show system or indeed embrace a fun normal serious-adult general knowledge quiz. Whatever it may be work with them, tell them how diverse you can be and show them your range of technology and game ideas as they may not know. You may have the perfect tool and game for their needs but if you don’t seek about making it your job to tell them then they will never know.

Senior Trivia


In simple terms then –


  • Make the approach appealing and about THEM
  • Aim for all age groups
  • Remember the focus is team building and social work
  • Research, research and then research again
  • Get your subject knowledge just right and accurate
  • Remember the aim of the game is to help the church
  • Be professional and community-minded
  • Meet with church organizers.  Maybe they haven’t planned any special activities yet because a professional, like you, hasn’t come along yet to inspire some new ideas.


Therefore, as we have continued to look at on the blog there are a wide range of avenues down which you can start to book more trivia shows. You may have invested time and money into systems, questions and ideas but now is the time to start making money on it and this is easily done by diversifying your approach and looking into avenues you potentially have not looked into before. Nevermind the usual bars and bars only approach, get out into the community and once you start doing so word of mouth will spread and your bookings will increase. This will ensure you get profits and have a thriving trivia business.

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