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Using Trivia for Public Education Events

Using Trivia for Public Education Events


Welcome back to the DigiGames blog. Your one stop guide to the trivia industry and a treasure trove of information, hints and tips to make YOUR trivia business a rip roaring success. Over the past few weeks since the blog launched, we have been providing daily updates to ensure your needs are covered and that no matter what kind of trivia host you are, no matter what kind of events you run…..we have something for you. Today, we continue to look at ways in which you can use your trivia skills, equipment and knowledge to further boost your profits and to further expand your business. After all, you have invested time and money in have good systems, the latest technology and taken time and effort to promote yourself so why not expand your trivia into as many areas as possible.


Today we will look at Public education Events a new, unique and, most importantly, profitable avenue of boosting business that you may never have previously considered.


Using Trivia for Public Education Events – What are they?

  • The term Public Education Events may seem very vague and loose to you but in essence what we are talking about here is when a company wants to promote an item, give awareness of new openings, sell a product, raise interest and awareness.
  • Anything whereby the company may want to “educate” the public about a product. It does not necessarily have to be a company, it could be a local group, a religious sect or the local councils wanting to spread word. Either way, there is a heck of a lot of money in this industry.
  • You know how much companies are willing to spend on advertising and hence you want to make sure you get in there!


Using Trivia for Public Education Events – Research

  • Although word of mouth can be a popular tool, the simple fact remains that the majority of your work is not going to handed to you on a plate and you need to go out there and sell yourself. Take my word for it.
  • Companies are also going to want professional and appealing materials and this is where you have to start thinking about promotion. This is a different kettle of fish to the usual way to book more trivia shows. This needs to a business first approach in which you are essentially selling business to business services about how you can help them create interest.
  • Remember the booths you see in malls on high streets when over eager salesman are trying to sell you things, give you samples and tell you how great their products are? That is your target….those companies. Go round your local city and make a note of who promotes in this way…..these are your targets.
  • My aim here is to get you into the malls……have you seen some of those stands? 77” 3D TV’s, the latest ipads, expensive designs…..all money spent to promote products….you want some of this revenue and here is how to get it.



Using Trivia for Public Education Events – Selling Yourself


It is without doubt a big sell… need to make appointments, get the professional look and make sure you treat this as THE most important deal of your life.

  • A company is not going to pay someone to promotion products if they have no faith in their abilities. Your communication needs to be strong, your message clear and you need to tell them how you can aid their product.
  • Mention all the technology you have that can attract people to the promotional stand. They aren’t going to run over if they see a pen and paper quiz but if they see game show systems, clobber and buzzers and such like then they may well do that!
  • Show them the systems, take videos, examples and samples and testimonials. Show how YOU can make their promotional stand and their product the one to stand out in a crowded mall or show room and you will soon have them falling over themselves to book you.


Using Trivia for Public Education Events – The Trivia

As mentioned, it is without doubt going to be based on your technology.

  • Drawing people in is what you need to do and you therefore need all the lights, gimmicks, logos and tools you can. Remember that most of the products DigiGames provides can be customized entirely so your trivia display can include the company logo, little information about the product and videos tec. (Remember to sell this to them on the initial approach).
  • Game show systems will draw people in. If people are out doing a hard day of shopping them perhaps the odd game of a Jeopardy style trivia game or something they are a little familiar with will help and then you can advertise the product. If it’s a sampler-style occasions where you are handing out cans of energy drink or new chocolate bars make them the prize.
  • The company may want trivia about the products or company itself.  For example, for a TV organization I set questions for wanted things like “How many channels are available?” and questions about the prime shows they were advertising. This may involve research and the quirkier and more entertaining ideas the better.
  • Consider too public education may also be about advertising opening nights of bars, giving information on political candidates or basically anything that people may want to relay.


For you as a trivia host you should be considering public education events as tools with which to boost your business and businesses around you. It is a profitable sector and the best thing about it personally is that these are events that are usually run during the day meaning you can still keep to your night-time commitments in pubs and bars. It is another good way to make money based on your investment in the technology you have bought and in a nutshell getting in with the big companies may also be useful in providing you with on-going work for your trivia services.


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