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When and where to use your marketing materials strategically

When and where to use your marketing materials strategically

As a trivia host you of course need to market your trivia night. People need to be aware of the occasion and have the basic information otherwise you will end up with the dreaded scenario for any trivia host… players! As an experienced trivia host, I know it takes time and sometimes a little bit of expenditure to get the marketing just right. Leaflets, posters, business cards and social media advertising is all well and good but knowing how to use it and when and where to get it just right is essential to success in your field. Hopefully these hints and tips, coming from an experienced trivia master, will give you enough scope to be able to save time and money when marketing your trivia as well as making sure that you are attracting more customers. Good marketing and effective placing of your materials is just as important, if not more so, that the materials themselves.


First and foremost we need to start in the obvious place. Social media. In 2015, it is impossible, near enough, to advertise anything without having a good social media presence behind you. Before you even start the marketing you need to get your pages and feeds just right. Start and get a nice logo from a site like this, with good simple information and make sure your page is appealing. There are hundreds if not thousands of rivals out there and you need to make sure your page stands out. It is all well and good making the effort to attract people to your social media site but at the end of the day you also need to make sure when they get there that they want to read what you are telling them.


Attracting people on social media is harder than it sounds primarily due to the fact of competition. People get sick and tired on facebook and twitter of being hounded to buy this, attend that, play this game, download this app… will know yourself through any marketing company that after a short while you become immune to marketing emails so you need to make yours stand out.  Here is a simple guide to promote your business on facebook.


The first issue is targeting the right people. If you join a national quiz bowl, or a trivia page online that is one good way of getting customers into your trivia venue but 99.9% of the people reading that page are likely to be from a distance way too far away from your venue to make attending worthwhile. So again, just like I mentioned with your prize gathering, you need to think local and target local venues.


The first steps I took was to target local “What’s on” events sites and newspaper. Posted on their facebook pages, provide retweets in the hope of getting one back and messaging them in a fashion where their followers would see it. It worked a treat. You have to, no doubt about it, think and act local. Going national will only be a lot of work for little reward, the key is taking a local approach. I also have even just search terms like “ Mytown Quiz” etc and added people directly. There is no point adding everybody you see on twitter and you have to be smart about it!


What about tangible materials then? Where should it be used and when? The key is again to stick to local areas. I wouldn’t be considering planting materials anywhere over a 10-15 minute drive from the venue. Ideally, if you live in a big city you should only be promoting within the city. Think where people go…get some posters up in local businesses and news outlets. Make sure your bar advertises well. Leave business cards in local salons, restaurants and take aways. You can combine this with your prize giving and when a company offers to give you a prize, use that to get some advertising in their store.

Apartment blocks usually also have a community notice board which you might be able to gain access to. This is a great idea as there are 1000+ people, living close by who will know about your night.

When I do an event, I make sure I set up a small table with my brochure, flier, business cards, and general information contact sheet.  Why?  If someone has to leave while you are doing a show, they can grab your information and contact you the following day, and it gets your information into their hands.  The table takes me 2-3 minutes to set up, and I have booked many jobs with this method.  I have even seen where some trivia hosts have covered the table with spandex table covers and put up-lighting inside to give it some extra appeal.


All in all I would suggest that if you are spending money and time on putting together marketing materials you need to make sure you are placing them in the right sort of places otherwise they become pointless and won’t be seen. I would also look to, as I have said, doing a 3-4 month survey of your customers and ask where they heard about the trivia night so you can see what is working and what isn’t.  This will allow you to maximize your time more efficiently, and not wasting your valuable marketing materials.

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