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Why have a blog on your site?

Why have a blog on your site?

“Setting up a Trivia blog will help get bookings – Tips and hints on how to effectively ensure you ar making the most of your blog”


Welcome back to the blog today and I hope all is well. Yesterday’s postings seems to have went down really well, and I hope you all have fun hosting the more serious trivia quizzes. Both lucrative and enjoyable!


Today we are going back to a theme we focus a lot on here and that is promotion. As I have said time and time again, you can have the best set up going, the strongest question the best format (and tell the best jokes), if you don’t have the correct marketing and promotion behind you, you are going to fail. Everything from social media to posters to online presence needs to be up to scratch otherwise you are going to find yourself wallowing behind.


This blog post is, rather ironically, going to look at the topics of blogs. Why are they helpful? How are they helpful? What should you do on them? The blog is an underrated and underestimated tool in your online arsenal and now let us look at how you are going to utilize this blog and why it is so vital…

Why have a blog on your site? – First question….

You need to be serious here. Do you have the time to commit to keeping a daily, or at least 4-times weekly blog? If the answer is Yes then skip ahead to all the sections below. If not, and you really will be pushing it then you need to think twice (Skip to the section entitled – Why have a blog on your site? – Hire a writer?)

Why have a blog on your site? – Search Engines Love Them!

The first main reason to have a blog is that search engines really do love them! With the blog being updated all the time, with all kinds of content, and eventually lots of content on the same issue, then you will find more traffic directed to your blog than your normal site. This happened to me almost by accident and I then realized the power of a simple blog. What you have to do though then, is to make sure that when people do visit your blog, they then visit your main site!

Why have a blog on your site? – They are free!

Not more to add……blogs on sites such as blogspot are totally free with no advertising or such like. Take advantage of it, you don’t need to be a computer genius to set one up either. Simple, effective and free….the perfect marketing tool.

Why have a blog on your site? – More Personal Touch

The reason I think blogs work better than marketing text is that you can make them more personal. It doesn’t read as much like you advertising or trying to sell something, but instead is more about your views, opinions and a genuine write up. Done in the right style you can sell effectively without realizing it!

Why have a blog on your site? – Allows You to Showcase Yourself

With it being a bit more of a personal thing, the blog can allow you to showcase your skills and personality in a more effective way than just plain old marketing dribble would. You can get the jokes in, allow your writing style to suit you and make sure that everyone is engaged and interested.  Add to your blog a few thoughts about each show that you do.  Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, trivia show, school event or other event, write about it!  It is easy to tell your spouse and friends about at least 1 interesting thing that happened at a show, well, here is your opportunity to build your blog with fun experiences at your shows.  What effect do you think this will have on a potential booking client?  Well, it will have a huge impact, as the client will truly get to peer into your personality and truly get a great sense of what they can expect if they hire you.

Why have a blog on your site? – Get onto listings sites

Also, having a blog will enable you to appear on blog listing and directory sites that will not include your normal site. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these sites and even if each one only attracts a few clicks the traffic increase will be huge!


Build Rapport

Why have a blog on your site? – Hire a writer?

Now, I mentioned in the first part of this post that if you mentioned “no” to question 1, then you would need to start here but in fact this may be an idea for anyone. There are a lot of sites that focus on freelance work and you can indeed hire blog writers. Yes it is going to cost you but the results it will bring, from someone who knows what they are doing, are well worth the cost. Obviously, if you are small scale and only run 1-2 events a week then this isn’t the case, but if trivia is your livelihood then you need to start thinking about spending to earn and one of the best ways to do this, is spending on good old blog writers (we are a nice bunch!)

Why have a blog on your site? – Keep it up to date!

The last point is the most important….keep the blog up to date. Customers will be far more impressed if your site was updated yesterday rather than seeing something 2 years out of date. That’s why I mentioned the time factor and suggested hiring a writer!

So, there we have it. Hopefully the array of hints and tips above have given you a good guide to the goings on in the blog world and how these can  help you boost your business. Remember, in everything you do on the blog it needs to have a purpose and be promoting your business. If it is just mindless rambling on all kinds of subjects then it wont work. Remember what we have written about…


  • Keep it updated regularly
  • Appealing and relevant content
  • Hire a writer if you don’t have the time
  • Make sure it’s a reflection of you
  • Search engines will love them


In essence therefore, a blog can help your business and if you have the time, do it!


Thanks for reading again today and if you need any advice on blogging, I am just an email away. We will be back tomorrow with a guide to some of the pitfalls of bar trivia, a more of a “what not to do” guide but until then, keep the feedback and suggestions coming, and until then….


Happy Trivia Hosting!

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