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Why have a Blog on Your Site?

Why have a Blog on Your Site?

“Here we look at the benefits, positives and also review a few hints and tips of getting a blog up and running our your site”


Welcome back to the blog and happy Friday!!! I hope this has been a very productive and interesting week for you in the world of trivia and I do hope the blogs this week have been of some use. I have tried to mix it up a little this week and include a range of topics and that theme continues today as we look at a little bit of a different issue….the benefits of having a blog on your site. This is certainly one area in which I can comment a lot as not only do I write this blog for DigiGames but also have used blogs to launch my own business in the past and know not only how valuable and useful they can be but also how to ensure they work.


The first question you have to ask yourself if you are considering launching a blog is the simple question of…..can you afford the time? Blogs are often free and you can set up a good blog, appealing in nature, within minutes and get writing but the whole idea behind a blog for business is that you need to keep it updated. If you don’t have the time to devote an hour or so per week, AT LEAST, to a quality update for the blog then maybe this is not the post for you. I suggest you make the time.

Why have a Blog on Your Site? – Personal Approach

I am going to look at a few issues under the subheadings and we are going to start with one of the main reasons blogs are good…….it comes under the personal approach. In all business, the personal touch is what you are aiming for. If all you have is a very factual and business like website you cannot really let your personality and uniqueness shine through but if you do a blog you can really make an impression. Obviously you have to make sure your writing style matches your intention….

Why have a Blog on Your Site? – Information

The sort of information you can translate into a blog also differs and it means you can express a different range of ideas than on a normal site. People logging onto to read quiz and trivia blogs usual do so in the expectation that they are going to read an article-length piece that goes into details. You cannot really do this on a normal site, so very much like we do here at Digigames, the blog adds to the whole experience of promoting your business.

Why have a Blog on Your Site? – Interaction

Having a blog on your site also allows for interaction between you and your customers. Obviously what you need to do is monitor this very closely as I know for experience that one common problem is spam bots and people commenting with links just to take you to other sites. But certainly if you are having blogs, allow comments. It shows interest, it shows interactivity and it will give you new ideas and instant feedback.

Why have a Blog on Your Site? – Professionalism

If you have a blog that is updated frequently then it also shows to any readers or potential customers that you take the whole thing seriously and that you are active and available. If someone logs into your site and sees that you have just updated the blog or can see a continued stream of updates then it is going to look good. If the blog says “last updated March 4th 2013” then they may thing you are inactive and look elsewhere. The more time and effort you put into the business the more it is going to show and the more it is going to attract people to buy your goods and consume the services you have to offer.



Why have a Blog on Your Site? – Keep it updated

….and I cannot repeat this enough. If you aren’t going to update the blog, don’t have one. Forget it! How often should I update the blog I hear you ask? You should be looking at 2-3 posts a week minimum and if you can getting 7-10 a week. The more active the better. Remember also, blogs attract google search results so the more you blog the more often you will show up and be found via search engines.


Why have a Blog on Your Site? – Cross Promotion

Lastly there is also a good chance to cross promote if you have blogs. I want to make you aware at this time that here at DigiGames, cross promotion is certainly something to consider. If you have your own blog or are just starting one out get in touch and we can help via cross promotion….get in touch with other blogs, get plenty of networks built up and establish some good links.


So, hopefully you have seen across this blog entry the very essence of why it is important to have a blog, the benefits it can have to your business and the key factors to consider when thinking about running one. Remember the trivia hosting business is a very very competitive world and you need to do everything you can to put yourself ahead of that competition. I have seen it with my won eyes that companies that have blogs benefit much better than those that don’t and if you are serious about making a good, serious and beneficial living out of trivia hosting you need to be taking it as professionally and seriously as you can so for the little time investment that the blog will bring…it is worth it.


That’s it for today and as we come to the end of another week I wish you all a happy weekend. I will be back over the weekend with some more posts on a variety of subjects so keep your eye on the blog and until then…..happy trivia hosting

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