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Why start a trivia business?

Why start a trivia business?

“Hints, tips and information of the reasons why Trivia is a good business to run”

Welcome back to the blog and I hope you are having a good weekend. The last post in the blog was aimed at trivia players and as regular readers will know we tend to focus on trivia hosts here with advice, ideas and information on the industry. However, having a think about topics recently I realized I have done little to cater for people who are considering running a trivia business. If you are already in the trade then you can add any comments to the boxes below about the benefits of starting a trivia business.


So, if you are considering launching into the trivia industry you do need to think about it as not only will there be an initial cost with materials and of course the large time investment but you will need to think long term as you don’t want to rush into thing…


Let us have a look at some reasons of why trivia is a good business to be in.


Why start a trivia business? – Extra Income

Now, let us start with the obvious and I am sure you will already know this but the vast majority of people you see hosting trivia nights do it as a source of extra income to supplement their jobs and wage. If you only get 1-2 gigs a week it is not going to enough to live on. It does take time to start out so what I am saying is don’t go out there, quit your job and expect to get a trivia business going straight away. It isn’t going to happen….you need to start from the bottom.


The first booking is always the hardest to get and you may have to offer some free trial runs to get your business and name out there. Then the extra income will eventually come. Even if you charge just $30 a night for the first few sample games the experience you get will be of much more worth and if you do a good job it will help build a reputation.


So initially, you will be doing the trivia business for extra income to put towards your holidays or to add to your savings etc. Whatever the reason trivia business is big business and even 1-2 sessions a week and you can earn good money!


Why start a trivia business? – A nice diverse range of jobs to hand

Once you start to get up and running you will see the diversity that comes with the job. If you build up a good reputation and manage to get your name out there all sorts of bookings will come in ranging from the normal pubs and bars, to corporate events and even down to writing questions for newspaper, apps and magazines. It took me a full 18 months doing the same 2 quizzes every week before I was really established but then the other offers came flooding in. The job is diverse, fun and you will meet a lot of new people.


Why start a trivia business? – The People

To even be considering launching a career in the trivia industry I am assuming you are something of a people person and to me that’s one of the perks of the job. The range of people I meet on a nightly basis is great. As I have said in my hints and tips of being a good host you need to pander to the crowd and make an effort to know your players. Some you may dislike and force the conversation all the time….others will be genuine good company. I have made more friends through trivia than anything else and I feel this is the one major thing I will take away from my experiences. It is such a friendly community…players, hosts, bar owners etc. As long as you do your job well you will have no problem making friends for life.


Why start a trivia business? – The Writing

Although a mentioned above I do love meeting people through trivia I would be lying if I said the best part of the job, both mentally and in terms of enjoyment, is the writing of the questions. If you take pride in your work you will be striving to put together the finest sets around and dipping into books, learning and finding out amazing facts is so mentally stimulating and then turning it into a question is such a good experience. The fact that you will then earn money from it at the end of the day is even better. If you aren’t into writing questions, then there are options out there for purchasing weekly trivia content.


I realize a lot of the blog here is focused on people who are up and running as trivia hosts but we are always willing to support new hosts as I know that is often the most daunting time. For those of us that have been hosting a while it is easy to forget how nervous and scary those first few months were so forgive me if I sound flippant at times. If you indeed have any ideas or suggestions for subjects to be covered let me know and I will certainly do my best.


What I intend to do in future posts is add a few points for new hosts too under the subject headings so that I am tackling things from all angles so hopefully that will help. The community of trivia hosts is great though, so I am sure if you are considering entering the industry having a quick word with a trivia host at the end of a night will be certainly worthwhile.


Thanks for reading and we have some very exciting topics coming up including new ideas on topics for trivia, ideas on combining your services together and a round up for recent blog posts to refresh your memory. Until next time happy trivia hosting and keep checking the blog daily to make sure you get the very latest hints and tips in the world of trivia.

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