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How to Effectively End Your Trivia Event?

How to Effectively End Your Trivia Event?

A set of tips of making sure you trivia event goes out with a band and makes that all important lasting impression….


Earlier in the blog we discussed the importance of ensuring that you created a first good impression at your trivia night with the materials, presentation and that all important introduction. Without these factors you run the risk of putting customers off for life and turning what could be a good, profitable and entertaining trivia night into a poorly-attended disaster! The lasting impression counts and if you give your trivia customers a great ending to your night they will want to come back, give them a poor one and that will be the memory that stays!


But this is easier said than done…


Timing – This is crucial in all manner of ways. There is a fine balance involved. What you want to avoid doing is dragging the end of the trivia night out…..this could be the kiss of death for your event. At the end of a long hard nights slogging over world capitals, number one singles and picture rounds, the last thing your players want to be doing is hanging around whilst you persist to drag the end of the night out. I do understand the need to keep players in the venue buying drinks etc but if you plan out your night right there should be no need at all for dragging out an end.


But then again you don’t want to rush the end of the night as players will feel no closure and will feel they are being rushed out the door (or that you are rushing to get home!). Therefore you need to make sure you give time to let your players know there scored.


Don’t just read out the scores of the top 3 or 4 teams as some trivia hosts do, every team in order needs to be read out so each team can know exactly how they have done. It is a contest after all and after 2 hours of trying to work out answers your players should at least know where have finished. Some more lazier hosts read out the scores in random orders but that gives your players extra work to do and that’s is not what you desire! As mentioned in a previous post on this blog what you need to do in terms of on going marking….this makes the ending easy.


If you have kept marking on going and kept the tallies up to date it gives you that chance and time to sort everything out at the end rather than making a mad rush.


After a few weeks you should have a good rapport with all your players so you should be able to make comments on the teams performance and reference other weeks. This will make them feel part of the event and also encourage them to come back. Lines such as –


“Coming in 4th place this week with 73 points, there best ever score, is the Drifters”

“Winning for the 5th time this year, with 49 points is the Merryman”

“7th this week with 35 points, which is a great score considering there are just 2 of them, is The Couplets”


You get my drift?


By the time you have sorted your scores out, dished the prizes out, thank the players and remind them to come back next week.


And one thing I have always found works….after the trivia night don’t simply rush home and leave straight away. Go round the tables, chat to the players, get a feel what went down well and what didn’t. People will like the personal experience to end the night and you may indeed get some valuable feedback!

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