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Dealing with unruly behavior and trivia cheats

How to deal with unruly players?   When a trivia night is running smoothly it is the trivia host’s dream……however, things can and occasionally do go wrong and you may find yourself, as a trivia host, faced with the dilemma of how to deal with a player in your trivia contest who is being unruly

Daily Quiz

Daily Trivia Quiz Here is a quick selection of questions to get your trivia brain going today. A few very tough ones in there and feel free to use them in your future trivia events. Answers are all below. A quick set of 10 questions….. 1. Which is the largest island that lies entirely in

Happy Hour Trivia Games

  Happy Hour Trivia Games – How to make it work? Some bars don’t have the confidence in Trivia to give the event a full night. It may be a case of your hired for a job but only have one hour in which to run the event which restricts your time and what you

How to Effectively End Your Trivia Event?

How to Effectively End Your Trivia Event? A set of tips of making sure you trivia event goes out with a band and makes that all important lasting impression….   Earlier in the blog we discussed the importance of ensuring that you created a first good impression at your trivia night with the materials, presentation

Develop a Good Introduction

Develop a Good Introduction   I have met several great trivia hosts and trivia event organizers who are fantastic at what they do. They can write great questions, have unique ideas, have a good format and have a style that suits any audience but one of the key weakness many people seem to have is