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Happy Hour Trivia Games – How to make it work?

Some bars don’t have the confidence in Trivia to give the event a full night. It may be a case of your hired for a job but only have one hour in which to run the event which restricts your time and what you can do as a host. To pull off this effectively you need plan and prepare and run a tight ship. There are many options to make a successful hour and here are a few tips and hints to make sure your happy hour runs smoothly…..


Happy Hour Trivia isn’t Normal Trivia

If you have been assigned by a Trivia host to set a happy hour trivia set then you have a unique task on your hand. Normally in your venue the people will be there for your trivia and the trivia event as itself.  In a happy hour environment then your trivia may be as an aside. Try and convince the host to only allow people playing the quiz the happy hour promotions and then that will mean everyone is going to join in….then if you make your quiz fun they will enjoy it!

You also cannot treat this as a serious trivia event. You need to make sure the questions are fun, the pace is rapid and that you are asking questions likely to appeal to the happy hour crowd. Heavy on the popular culture and recent events….not so heavy on the history and older entertainment.


Get them to stay after the trivia is over!

You want to forget about the whole “end of the quiz is the end of the night” mentality you will have started to develop from your normal trivia hosting. Your prime aim throughout this happy hour trivia event is to make sure the punters stay in the bar/venue after the happy hour is over. The venue manager is hiring you to make money from your skills so you need to keep the energy high, the fun flowing and the atmosphere thriving. Fail in any of these factors and you will start to find that your trivia night hosting work may dry up when it comes to happy hour trivia.

Last 20 minutes is the most vital!

Happy hour trivia games need to peak around the 40-45 minute mark to keep the punters engaged. If the quiz drags on and the ending is poor punters will leave but your aim is to make the last part of the quiz entice the customers to stay. Save your killer questions until then, give out the majority of prizes then and get the comedy going. The full hour needs to trivia packed fun but the last moments of the quiz need to have players deciding to stay in the bar.

Plenty of Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

Forget the one overall prize being the be all and end all, for happy hour trivia you need to space out the prize. Maybe give a prize for every round, plenty of jackpot “nearest the pin” questions and spot prizes with the chance for everyone to win. Remember you are trying to get them to stay in the bar so giving them the odd free drink is well worth it if they are going to stay all night and buy 5! Free drinks, bottle of wine, 2 for 1 vouchers, movie tickets, discount party platter or pitcher of beer, beer coasters….the smallest prize can have the biggest effect!


Happy Hour trivia can be a demanding and challenging tasks for any trivia host but by following the above steps you should make sure you are at least on the right steps to ensuring success.  Need trivia questions for your Happy Hour Trivia Games?  DigiGames now offers trivia questions weekly through a subscription service so that you never run out of trivia questions again, or spend many hours making your own.  Having trivia questions available to you every week automatically is a great way to reduce preparation time for your happy hour trivia games.


Stay tuned to the blog for more tips, guides and questions!

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