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Daily Quiz

Daily Trivia Quiz

Here is a quick selection of questions to get your trivia brain going today. A few very tough ones in there and feel free to use them in your future trivia events. Answers are all below.

A quick set of 10 questions…..

1. Which is the largest island that lies entirely in Indonesia?

2. In Norse mythology, what were the names of the first two humans created by the Gods?

3. Who played Clayton Farlow in Dallas and appeared in Calamity Jane, Annie Get Your Gun and Showboat?

4. Set during the Black Death of 1348, “Decameron” is perhaps the most famous work of which author?

5. Which composer, who died of Tuberculosis in 1849, spent one of his most productive periods on the island of Majorca in 1838-39 with the author George Sand?

6. A key figure in the Jutland Movement of Danish Literature, which author wrote works including The Children of Wrath (1904) and the 1906 Poem “Songs of the Rye”?

7. Which drink was supposedly invented when a Dutch trader tried to boil wine to remove the water and save cargo space?

8. Ignoring the variations of the spelling of Mohammed, what is the most popular boys names for new born babies in the UK according to a 2014 report?

9. Who won the 2014 Rugby League Challenge Cup after a string of consecutive final defeats?

10. What is the largest River that lies entirely within Switzerland?








1. Sumatra

2. Ask and Embla

3. Howard Keel

4. Boccaccio

5. Chopin

6. Jeppe Aakjaer

7. Brandy

8. Oliver (Amelia is the for the girls)

9. Leeds Rhinos

10. Aare

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