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Develop a Good Introduction

Develop a Good Introduction


I have met several great trivia hosts and trivia event organizers who are fantastic at what they do. They can write great questions, have unique ideas, have a good format and have a style that suits any audience but one of the key weakness many people seem to have is the have a good introduction. This can be the be all and end all of your quiz. If you are trying to get people to play, take part and take the quiz seriously then you need to make sure those first few minutes of introduction are appealing, entertaining and gear up your players.


Remember…..”First impressions Count”. Shall I say that again? “First Impression Count”. I cannot stress enough how important this is in terms of developing your trivia night.  Here are a few tips for you on making sure that introduction is exactly how it should be…


Theme Music

Wait wait wait. Before you start to think I have gone trivia mad, hear me out. I am not talking hear about Rocky style entrance music or the kind of hardcore rap music boxers enter the ring in. I am talking about a simple theme to play when the trivia night is about to begin to alert players to get ready. There is nothing wrong that being stuck in the toilet or in the bar queue and hearing “Question 1…..”. You need to give your players time to get ready. I use the 20th Century Fox Theme as the trivia is about to start and in the past I have used songs such as “Ready to Go” or “The Final Countdown” just to make sure the regulars know to get to their seats. It also gives a nice formal start to the quiz and has people waiting for your introduction


The first speech

The worst thing you can do is rush straight into the questions. Explain the format but make sure you are doing it briefly as you need to find the balance between explaining enough to new players what is going on and then not boring the players who have been with you since day one. At least explain the duration, what sheets you have given out and the jackpot and then you can explain as you go.


Be friendly and positive

You need to make sure you are feeling positive and upbeat. You have had the worst day and been running the quiz for years and years reeling out the same introduction but each time you have to be as enthusiastic as the first time you delivered it. Remember you are the entertainment for the night, the mood and feel of the night is in your hands and people, not just your players but the venue owners, are relying on your to give them a great experience and an enjoyable night of trivia. Friendly and positivity is the way to go.


There is nothing worse than dull introductions or the trivia hosts who say “You know the rules…”?


Establishing rules

There aren’t many rules you need for a quiz but if you are a good trivia host you will have firm stance on trivia cheats and mobile phones in your venue. Establish this early so people know to play fair.


Everyone should know what they are doing

As well as hitting all of the above criteria your introduction also needs to make sure players know what they are doing. Especially first timers! Some Trivia nights involve several sheets of paper in front of the player at any one time and as well as making the player feel welcome and enthused they need to what they are doing so make it nice and simple and clear.


Follow the above steps to develop the perfect introduction.

Now, equally important to your introduction is your conclusion.  Having an effective conclusion will cement those final grand finale moment of your event.  Whether your trivia event is for a company party, birthday party, anniversary event, bar/pub trivia proper introductions and conclusions set apart the professionals from the wannabees.



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