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Develop a Good Introduction

Develop a Good Introduction   I have met several great trivia hosts and trivia event organizers who are fantastic at what they do. They can write great questions, have unique ideas, have a good format and have a style that suits any audience but one of the key weakness many people seem to have is

Why Use Multiple Choice Quiz Questions?

Why Use Multiple Choice Quiz Questions?   The use of multiple choice trivia questions in any trivia event can be a bone of contention. Some more serious players don’t like the fact options are provided, preferring to rely on knowledge alone. Other players, may those taking it less seriously, prefer multiple choice trivia questions as

How to Get a Bar Owner To Book You?

How to Get a Bar Owner to Book You?   Years ago Trivia was a fairly simple business. Someone within the local community would set questions for the local pub/bar in return for the odd free pint here and there. In 2015, this has changed to a much more business approach with thousands of trivia

How to Make Your Trivia Players Feel Special?

How to Make Your Players Feel Special?   To truly succeed,  a Trivia night needs players to return week after week. The greatest Trivia events around the globe are the ones which attract regular teams, giving that extra bit of competitive edge and building up a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where trivia players feel relaxed, hence