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ABCD Judges Voting

ABCD Judges Voting “Involve the audience, thrill the players and give you event the game show feel”   Are you looking for a way in which to really involve your audience in your event? Do you want to replicate the kind of shows akin to America’s Got Talent which have millions of fans across the

Taking Points Away For Incorrect Answers

Taking Points Away For Incorrect Answers “The Good, the Bad and the very very ugly” Today on the blog we are going to look at an issue I have been asked about several times during my trivia hosting. Should points be deducted for incorrect answers? I can see where this comes from….many TV shows and entertainment

Using Trivia For Home Use

Using Trivia For Home Use As a new month begins, the hints and tips here at DigiGames keep on coming thick and fast. 2015 seems to have barely begun and yet it is half over! There is much planned for this month on the blog so make sure to stick around and check back daily for

The value of TV Commercial Trivia

The value of TV Commercials Trivia   If you have been playing, hosting and taking an interest in Trivia for some time then you are bound to have face questions on those pesky TV Commercials. We all hate them, they always get in the way of our viewing pleasure but as a serious trivia player

Everything you need to know: Clobber – Hard Hat Trivia

All You Need to Know About a Unique Buzzer System Called Clobber There are various types of technology on the market to enhance your trivia experience and trivia hosts are somewhat spoiled for choice in selecting what they are to use for their next event. Bar owners love new technology and if you are keen