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Everything you need to know: Clobber – Hard Hat Trivia

All You Need to Know About a Unique Buzzer System Called Clobber

There are various types of technology on the market to enhance your trivia experience and trivia hosts are somewhat spoiled for choice in selecting what they are to use for their next event. Bar owners love new technology and if you are keen to expand on your business and build a larger client base by appealing to more people then you may want to read this handy guide on All You Need to Know About a Unique Buzzer System Called Clobber.


More than Slapping a Buzzer

A slap buzzer is expected.  Hitting one’s self, or another player over the head, is not.  After all, it’s this hitting over the head that made the “The Three Stooges” so popular.


In my whole experience, years of trivia hosting and writing, I have never quite came across anything like Clobber. This is perhaps the most unique, innovative and well thought out system I have encountered and this will enhance any trivia event by adding bags of fun and giving players a night to remember. If you use Clobber, I guarantee everyone who plays will be talking about it the next day and trivia hosts would be advised to jump on the bandwagon now, before Clobber is everywhere.

Hard Hat Game

What is Clobber? Clobber is a unique buzzer system that involves hard hats. Yes, hard hats. You know the kind construction workers wear to protect them from falling objects. But this is trivia…..this is much more serious. The idea of the system is each player wears a hard hat which is numbered and can be ordered individually colored. These act as your buzzer and sensor. Each player also has a foam bat and the idea is you use the foam bat to whack your hard hat when you know an answer. That’s Clobber! An LED light on the front of the device lights up to show who has buzzed. Forget that traditional fastest finger first approach, if you know an answer using Clobber its time to whack yourself!

How it works:

  • Launch any DigiGames trivia software program.
  • Ask a trivia question.
  • If a player knows the answer, the player clobbers themselves to ‘buzz in’.
  • If the player is correct, they get the points.  If incorrect, their points don’t change (or deduct, depending on what you want).
  • If a Player 1 thinks Player 2 doesn’t know the answer (for example), Player 1 can clobber Player 2 and force the player to answer the question.
  • If Player 2 DOES know the answer after all then Player 2 will get the points.  If Player 2 DOESN’T know the answer then Player 1’s plan worked perfectly.
  • Repeat until the game is over and you will then have a winner, but in a format that only begets laughs and smiles.


Clobber Trivia Game

The fun comes with the way the game can be played. Throw in an element whereby players can hit each other and force them to answer and then you change the ball game entirely.  The system supports up to 50, yes 50, players and this opens up huge possibilities for trivia events, TV show usage and fundraisers. Imagine being in a charity fundraiser and being able to Clobber your boss? Or as a school kid being involved in a trivia event at the end of the year and being able to Clobber a teacher? Everyone who plays will never forget Clobber!


Combine the Clobber experience with the DigiGames software, which is easy to customize with preferred questions and includes features such as automatic scoring.  You will find as a trivia host you will be too busy laughing to do any work. But that’s fine because as with all DigiGames software the hassle of running a trivia night is taken away from the host and you can concentrate and ensuring your players have the best possible experience.


One of the other positives about Clobber is the range of events at which it can be used. No matter where you are, how many players you have or what the content of the trivia is Clobber suits. Birthday parties, school events, trivia nights in bars, Church functions, family weddings…..Clobber can entertain on any occasion.  The initial investment you make will certainly reap rewards. You can use Clobber throughout the event or perhaps as some sort of “final showdown”. Either way what you will find is people are willing to pay that extra bit of entry fee and travel that little bit further to try something that is unique and providing you run everything right it means more money for you, more money for the bar and much bigger potential for your business as a trivia host. Clobber could be the tool to turn your business around!


With special offers for multiple purchases and 1-year warranty with free support for life you can rest assured that investing in Clobber is one of the wisest decisions you will make in your career as a trivia host. With DigiGames you know you are guaranteed excellent customer focus and quick service and with the power of the two combined, DigiGames and Clobber, the possibilities are endless.


In essence, what you have with Clobber is a unique, interactive and fun system without precedent. The whole systems screams of innovation and creativity and this is one system that puts the fun factor first and ensures that your customers will leave a Clobber event with a smile on their face, and ready to spread the word.

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