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ABCD Judges Voting

ABCD Judges Voting

“Involve the audience, thrill the players and give you event the game show feel”


  • Are you looking for a way in which to really involve your audience in your event?
  • Do you want to replicate the kind of shows akin to America’s Got Talent which have millions of fans across the world?
  • Are you looking to create THE event people are talking about in your local area?


Then look no further that ABCD Judges voting.


ABCD Judges Voting – The Reason


As we all known, talent shows have taken over the world in the past 20 years and there is never a night of the week when some plucky young chap is blasting out renditions of “My Heart Will Go On” or attempting to dance with his pet dog. The reason such TV shows have attracted millions of loyal fans and been so successful around the world is simple…..they get the audience involved. The people sitting at home and in the studio know they can have a direct impact on the result and the contestants are competing for their vote! If you are looking to entertain, thrill and attract large audiences you will keep coming back to your show time after time you will have to look to incorporate this.


Audience Response Keypad


ABCD Judges Voting – The Time is Now

You are probably asking yourself why is this coming to light now? Haven’t people been doing it for years? Well the answer is largely no….even though audience voting has taken over the TV the technology and ideas have never quite been there in the outside world to implement it affordably, easily and with good products. That has all changed.  Now the technology IS out there, tried and tested and at the cutting edge of the market. The pricing has come down and now it is an affordable option for investment for most entertainers to get into an audience response system. Companies such as DigiGames, who have been providing entertainment based technology, for over 15 years are leading the market in developing new ideas and creating the best products. With such a company driving the changes it was always going to lead to this point.


ABCD Judges Voting – The Ideas

First and foremost you need to invest in the products. It is all easy to set up, quick to install and with products for experienced providers such as DigiGames you know you will get full support and a reliable product. All that is usually required is a simple laptop and very little technical knowledge.  Within minutes you will be up and away ready for your successful event to begin.


Seminar Trivia

Once up and running there are many ways you can involve the use of audience voting.  One simple yet effective way is the America’s Got Talent system of voting when you want an act off the stage. Set a limit so that when say  75% of the audience have hit the X button the act is over. That will keep little Susie performing her tap dance on her toes as she knows she cant let the quality drop! This will not work in all situations however and you have to be careful for two reason.


  • People may get upset if they are voted off. Pride is a dangerous think and some people may believe they are supremely talented (which you will know if you have ever watched an episode of American Idol) when in actual fact they aren’t. Hence, being buzzed off early will cause anger and upset.


  • People will be afraid to take part. If you are running nights that depend on people getting up on stage and showcasing the talent, or lack of it, that they have then you need to be welcoming, encouraging and warm. If people see week in week out that acts are being buzzed after 5 seconds, not given change and publicly show up but the fact they have been given no chance…..they won’t want to take part and you will end up with no players.



Hence the best way to approach using these ideas is to make it a contest and have the voting done either after each act….(Perhaps have grades or 4 categories or some sort of 1-4 marking system)….that way at least everybody has chance and you can create the excitement of an on going leaderboard. I prefer this way as it means audiences are involved all the time and are voting, seeing the results of their votes and more importantly being involved ALL of the time.


The second method is much more simple and involves picking a winner. The upside is that no one is embarrassed or discouraged by low scores and being buzzed of the stage by a cruel audience (you don’t even have to show results if you don’t want to ) and also it gives a clear winner with that dramatic moment. The downside, and its rather a big one, is that it means your audience won’t be actively involved until the end….this may lead to boredom, if the acts are bad they may even leave and above all else it will be a case of you having invested a lot of time, money and effort into a voting system to be used for a just a brief moment. Continuous voting is always best I have found with an audience response keypad.



In essence therefore, incorporating your audience into your event is vital to its success. If they feel left out, on the outside or excluded from proceedings they will simply take their time and money elsewhere for a place that does consider them. Adapt the trends being seen on TV that gets the audience involved in your talent show or entertainment events and make the most of the people who count! Invest in the software, devise the games and use some of the ideas listed here and you will start to find, without doubt, that your bookings, profits and above all else the enjoyment of those all important players increase!


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