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Using Trivia For Home Use

Using Trivia For Home Use

As a new month begins, the hints and tips here at DigiGames keep on coming thick and fast. 2015 seems to have barely begun and yet it is half over! There is much planned for this month on the blog so make sure to stick around and check back daily for the latest updates. With tips, hints, booking ideas, format plans and advice on getting more shows to come you cannot afford to miss out. Today we continue our look at how you can use your trivia systems in other ways by looking at how you can take the system designed for entertainment into the home and use it for educating your children!


Using Trivia For Home Use – Getting more out of your systems

As a Trivia host you may have invested time, money and effort into amassing a wide range of trivia technology which, for most of the week, just sits gathering dust until your next trivia event. Yet there may be people in your household you will benefit from those very system….your children. Children across the globe are put through rigorous testing systems and tend to sit exam after exam and curriculum requires a knowledge of subjects, retention of facts and that is what your children will be tested on.



Using Trivia For Home Use – Giving YOUR Children the Edge

Now admittedly, I am not talking here about investing thousands in a trivia system just for the sake of educational support at home. If you have cash to spare then its an option but in the real world and in these times most of us don’t so the people I am addressing this post to is the people who may have already went out there and spent the money on putting together and amassing a trivia collection second to none. Buzzers, audience polling, display screens, clobber…..all these sort of tools. An average successful trivia host will have a cupboard full.


We also discussed in a previous post about the benefits of trivia to learning. I won’t go too much into detail on a subject I have already posted at length about but in a nutshell the whole teaching and learning process needs reinforcement and testing so both the student and teacher know what, if anything, is being learned. There is no point teaching without testing as you will never know if the information you are relaying is sinking in. This is where trivia comes in….testing of the students on a week to week basis will encourage learning, stimulate thought and bring in that extra cutting edge to the classroom. This is what you as seeking to replicate at home.


As any parent would, you are doing all you can to help your children get the best grades possible to set them up for life. You will read with them, answer their problems and attend parent teacher nights. You will buy them what they need, give them support and a stable home so their development is not hindered. The only thing you cannot do is go into the test room and sit the test for them…..


But wait, you can help them prepare!!!…


After all, what is an exam? A longer version of a trivia test. Children spend time learning information, reading about people and places, studying ideas and subjects that they are then tested on via a series of questions that prompts recall of this knowledge….sound familiar? Every night in your trivia events you are asking your players to recall information so the process is the same.


What you need to do is therefore devise a system to aid your children and give them the edge. It is shown that testing children’s knowledge prior to an exam is a vital tool in preparation. That is why schools run mock tests and have constant reinforcement in the classroom.  If your kids are doing this at home as well it will enhance their progress and ensure the best results possible as they will walk into the much feared exam room bursting with confidence and knowledge.


Using Trivia For Home Use – Making the learning fun and reap the rewards


So how can you achieve this then? How do you use your systems to aid your children? Well the answer is very simple….it is all about fun, fun and more fun. Your job as a trivia host is to entertain people so remember the learning has to be fun for all. It doesn’t need to be a competition (as you then risk the fact that the losers may get demoralised) but it does need to stimulate the mind.


Children are much more likely to remember facts, events, people and dates if they are played in a fun game so use the likes of clobber to get the learning sunk in. Use game show systems your kids will know and use the trivia cubes, buzzers and audience polling panels you have. Use it all! It is a proven fact that the more the learning is diversified the more information is likely to stay and you have the tools and the skills to do so. The more fun you make the  simple fact is the more they will learn. Make it boring and dull and the kids after a long day at school, will switch off….make it fun and interactive and your children will be eager and unable to wait for that next bout of trivia from Mommy or Daddy!


So remember the key points here in terms of using trivia for home use –

  • Make it fun and interesting to ensure learning
  • Make it relevant and do not over do it
  • Ensure your kids have the edge over others
  • Give them confidence and self esteem about the subjects


I hope you have found today’s update useful and it goes further to show how your trivia systems can be used in all manner of ways and hopefully if you were in two minds about making an investment in trivia technology this will tip the balance.

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