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How to Get a Bar Owner To Book You?

How to Get a Bar Owner to Book You?


Years ago Trivia was a fairly simple business. Someone within the local community would set questions for the local pub/bar in return for the odd free pint here and there. In 2015, this has changed to a much more business approach with thousands of trivia companies around the world offering questions, trivia nights, host and equipment at ever decreasing prices. Mass national companies are posting to venues the length and breadth of the country, making it difficult for small independent setters to secure Trivia nights. But here are a few tips that will help you along the way?


The Social Approach

If you have a bar in mind which you are aiming to get booked, don’t just storm in there all guns blazing touting your trivia skills. The long game sometimes can prove more beneficial. Scout the venue out a little, see the age range and type of customers they attract. Make your face known and have a few drinks in the bar on a few separate occasions. This will not only make your face familiar to the bar owner, but also give you a better idea on how to pitch your quiz.


What is Your USP?

This is easier than it sounds. As a Trivia writer/host you need some sort of Unique Selling Point to beat the national companies out there supplying trivia by the bucket load. Stress to the bar owner how your trivia is unique, hand crafted and geared towards the market in the bar itself. By now you will have been in the bar itself and will know the local customer base. You will have a flavour for the place and will be able to convince the bar owner without doubt that your personalised, hand crafted trivia is better than trivia-by-numbers the big companies provide.


Free Night

Offer to do the first night for free. Bar owners are often reluctant to part with cash for Trivia nights but if you offer to host one night, free of charge they will soon listen. Trivia nights mean more customers which means more money. Set a date about 3 weeks in advance and get the ball rolling. Get every single person you know to the bar, advertise it on social media, get help from local trivia masters and make sure that when your night comes that bar is packed. The bar owner will soon change their minds when they see that your Trivia night has attracted people into the bar and when the tills start ringing, your chances of being hired permanently rapidly rise!

…and of course it goes without saying that on that first night you need to be on you’re a-game. Get your best questions out, your best jokes and be on your customer-friendly, jolly-man top form. Make the quiz varied but try and stick to what you know the local client base is (because remember you will know this from your visits). I have a separate notebook where I keep my best questions and these are pulled out when I need to impress.


Above all else remember this is a business so treat it as such. Go in there with a clear sales pitch, have confidence in your ability and product and sell yourself. In more ways than one pitching for a Trivia gig is like a job interview….you need to impress.

In a nutshell, to get hired you need to offer a personal service the big trivia companies don’t, you need to show why your quiz is unique, show your unique questions and get the place packed!


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