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Develop a Good Introduction

Develop a Good Introduction   I have met several great trivia hosts and trivia event organizers who are fantastic at what they do. They can write great questions, have unique ideas, have a good format and have a style that suits any audience but one of the key weakness many people seem to have is

Why Choose a Wireless Buzzer System for Your Next Event

Wireless Buzzers Why Choose a Wireless Buzzer System for Your Next Event As technology changes, trivia events are changing. Although many successful and profitable trivia events run all over the globe with the simple tried and tested method of pen and paper, the advances in technology mean that trivia is changing with it. It has taken a

How to Excel over your Local Trivia Competition

How to Excel over your Local Trivia Competition Simple steps to ensuring your local trivia night is the talk of the town…. Making a trivia night a roaring success can be a very difficult task indeed. Not only is the style, the rounds, the players, the venue and the selection of the night difficult but

The Value of Music Trivia?

The Value of Music Trivia? Every quiz player turning up to your venue enjoys a bit of variety in the event whether it be a range of rounds, hand outs, picture questions or indeed the much under valued music round. Including a great music trivia round in your trivia event can add to the enjoyment

How to Get a Bar Owner To Book You?

How to Get a Bar Owner to Book You?   Years ago Trivia was a fairly simple business. Someone within the local community would set questions for the local pub/bar in return for the odd free pint here and there. In 2015, this has changed to a much more business approach with thousands of trivia