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Why Choose a Wireless Buzzer System for Your Next Event

Wireless Buzzers

Why Choose a Wireless Buzzer System for Your Next Event

As technology changes, trivia events are changing. Although many successful and profitable trivia events run all over the globe with the simple tried and tested method of pen and paper, the advances in technology mean that trivia is changing with it. It has taken a while to adapt but we are starting to see more products on the market and more choice for the trivia master who wants to make their trivia event stand out.  There are many wireless buzzer options out there, so let’s consider this topic accordingly.


In some ways the change has been forced by the advance in mobile phone technology. Cheating now is very easy and with hundreds of players in a trivia event sometimes it can be hard to track the people sneaking off to the toilet or looking under the table and googling answers.


This is where an using a Wireless Buzzer System may give you the edge over rivals.


The first thing you have to consider is how using such a wireless buzzer system will help you. Initially it is going to give a good impression. If you are trying to sell your services to a reluctant bar owner going in there advertising your wireless buzzer system will impress them.. If you are running a charity event then advertising the technology will appeal to more people and if you are quizzing with children then it is a must. It has a much broader appeal and gives the edge to your event and makes it much more than just “a written exam”.

Kids are already conditioned to big buttons, flashing lights, over-sized props and so forth.  This is largely due to their involvement with commercially available games, arcade rooms, circuses, and amusement parks.  While adults also love big buttons to press and flashy lights, youths are especially excited to participate in a game where these are present.  This adds much more value to any event than just simply playing general games.

Some buzzers are computer controlled, meaning they work with a software game, or series of software games.  Other buzzers on the market work independent of a computer, which are often referred to as a remote controlled wireless buzzer.

Also, do not underestimate the appeal of a wireless buzzer system to the more serious trivia players. Trivia players by their nature thrive on competition and there is very little more fun than lining up against your rivals, feeling the heart pounce and using a system as this to showcase your knowledge. It is an addictive high energy and highly fun form of quizzing that has a universal appeal.

Wireless Buzzers

There are several other events where a wireless buzzer system is a must…as I mentioned it will keep kids more involved so if your trivia event is for children or is being run in schools use the system. If you are running student bowl type competitions then this is a must.


Wireless Buzzers – Worth the investment

A basic wireless buzzer system with software is generally around the $500 mark.  A good going rate for a 2-hour trivia show is around $250.  This means that in 2 shows you have made your money back.  A good investment is where you can recoup your money back in 5 years or less, but a wireless buzzer system is an awesome investment since you can make your money back in a single weekend!  It is worth the investment.

One thing that often puts trivia hosts off is the cost and technical needs of setting it up. Here is some news for you….not only are such systems now very cheap and affordable but they are easy to set up. If you can set up a DVD player in your home or a games console etc then you will have no problems. Traditional trivia hosts may balk at the price and nature of using so much technology but customers need a variety and although pen and paper quizzes will still be around for years to come, your buzzer system will continue to rise and if you adopt it this early you will ahead of the game.

Some of the options available in the market place are fast-finger wireless buzzers that work with software games that closely resemble TV game shows. Imagine doing a Jeopardy style trivia game where players have an opportunity to buzz in with a wireless buzzer to answer the trivia question.  This is where the fun begins.  A Jeopardy style game does not require some length explanation of rules, nor is it difficult to play if the questions are general knowledge.  As you will see on many TV game shows, like Family Feud, players often jump the gun to buzz in even before the question has been completely asked.  This is because people love pressing buzzers.  People want to score points, in fact they will do anything for points.

Can you add a Wireless Buzzer System to your normal trivia night? Obviously in a bar scenario this would be very tough but why not use it as a jackpot or bonus round. Draw lots and four players can come up to the stage at the end of the night and compete in a first to ten buzzer style game….bottle of win for the winner…audience entertained. Bobs your uncle!

Either way, no matter your view take a long hard think about using an Automatic Lock Out Buzzer System an you will see the clear benefits!


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