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How to Excel over your Local Trivia Competition

How to Excel over your Local Trivia Competition

Simple steps to ensuring your local trivia night is the talk of the town….

Making a trivia night a roaring success can be a very difficult task indeed. Not only is the style, the rounds, the players, the venue and the selection of the night difficult but you also have the problem of local competition.


Trivia is very popular and chances are that in your local area there will be at least another venue hosting a trivia event on the same night you are. So you need to stand out from the crowd, make sure you are the quiz the locals choose and make sure that when it comes to Trivia time, your venue is packed. How can these be achieved? Here are a few simple tips….


Questions are the be all and end all…


The nature and style of the questions as well as the way you put the quiz together in terms of rounds will make a huge difference. In my view you can have a great presentation, nice venue, great attractive hand outs and a good host but if the questions are poor your trivia night will fail. I am firm believer that the quality of the questions in your trivia event matters. Players will soon become bored if your questions are dull, uninteresting and lacking in quality. Firstly, you need to avoid what is known in the trivia world as “Chesnuts”. These are the type of questions that are recycled in every trivia event all over the world and trivia questions that players have heard time and time again. If you include these questions in your quiz they will bore your players and they will be soon looking elsewhere. You need to think of fresh, relevant and original content.

Keep up the pace

So many trivia masters fall into the trap of dragging out a quiz night over 3-4 hours. It is obvious why they do it, they need to keep people in the bar and ensure they spend their hard earned cash. However, this can put people off if they are sitting 20-30 minutes between rounds so you need to get the balance right. Collect your answers in regularly, give constant marking. I like to collect the papers in every 5 questions, mark them, give them back and then go onto the next rounds. Players are never bored as they are either sitting discussing the answers they have just tried or working out the new ones. I also have 2 picture rounds which I collect in after question 25 and 50…hence giving them more to do. All this is geared towards ensuring that your players minds don’t start to wander elsewhere and think about attending another quiz. If you keep them busy they will want to come back


Personal relations


Build up a rapport, get to know your players, get to know the teams, give them a personal service. Don’t be the trivia master who sits behind the desk all the night. Get out there amongst your players! This will be covered in future blog posts but it has to be stressed here,….if you and another host are in rival pubs doing similar trivia nights then it could be the personal service that matters!



All in all with the level of competition around you need to excel! These are just a few simple ideas but keep following the blog and more will be posted over the course of the coming months to give you all the help you can get!

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