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How to Make Your Trivia Players Feel Special?

How to Make Your Players Feel Special?


To truly succeed,  a Trivia night needs players to return week after week. The greatest Trivia events around the globe are the ones which attract regular teams, giving that extra bit of competitive edge and building up a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where trivia players feel relaxed, hence making the night more enjoyable, and profitable, for all. But how does a typical trivia night achieve this? Yes, you need quality questions, a good host and a good venue but above all else you need to make your players feel special. This is easier said than done.


The first thing you need to consider is the new players. Your number one task as a Trivia night host is to attract people into the venue and have them eager to return.  As soon as a new player or new teams take an interest in your Trivia night the effort needs to begin. Introduce yourself, make jokes, find common general chat points to make them feel comfortable. Explain the quiz, remind them you are there to entertain so if they have queries just to ask and above all else….learn their names. Or at least the team name! In all manner of business a name matters and if you know the team calling themselves “Quizaholics” are the team of two men and women who sit in the corner every week it is going to make them feel special when you announce their score and can point exactly where they are sitting!


Trivia players need a good memory but so do Trivia hosts. If Ken tells you one week about his love of the LA Lakers and how much he enjoys Basketball, if you can talk about that the next time he comes in, Ken sure is going to feel special. Once you build a regular crowd this becomes much easier.


You can also make the teams feel special in a trivia night by remembering performance details. If a team finished 3rd and usually is way down the standings acknowledge it!. “Coming in third tonight, which is their best ever placing, is the Quizaholics”. If there is only one team in the bar who knows a particular answer mentions it. “And the answer to question 17 was France, which only the Quizaholics managed to get”. The majority of teams in your quiz will never experience the joys of winning so give them their own personal victories.


Is there a team in your quiz with only 2 players who are struggling against the biggest team? Maybe this will put them off returning to your trivia night as a pair. Don’t let that happen! Offer them the odd clue. Chances are it won’t matter in the standings and as long as you are not giving them enough clues to win the quiz, the odd point here and there will only serve to make the players themselves feel a little more special. Acknowledge their struggle “Yes, its hard with only 2 players, but have a look at questions 15 and think about the guy who is married to Angelina Jolie”. Small clue, big help….those customers now feel special!


One sure fire way to ruin a Trivia night is for your players to feel like they are simply a number, or a face in the crowd.  Make your players feel unique and special and it will make them want to return time after time. If you can make your Trivia night a social gathering where everyone feels like your best friend then you are well on your way to hosting a successful, and profitable, trivia night.

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