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10-player Hand Held Quiz Game Buzzer System with 25ft wires

  • Players “buzz in” with their personal hand held buzzer
  • Automatic lock-out of all but the 1st player to respond
  • Player’s name is displayed on the personal computer screen (can be projected for viewing by audience and all participants)
  • Involves Totally free Straightforward Quiz game computer software and carry sack
  • Works with USB – no drivers required

Your Affordable Buzzers system comes with 10-player capability, 10 game buzzers with 25ft. cables and is prepared to go! It’s a celebration in a box just waiting for you to fire up our Cost-free Effortless Quiz software or your own compatible computer software such as Game Show Presenter for the ultimate quiz game experience. Any quiz game computer software that accepts numeric crucial input for player response will work with our method. The heart of your new Inexpensive Buzzer system is the game box laptop interface. Its exclusive, compact, trustworthy style assures maximum compatibility with each your pc hardware and game show software. The phono jacks employed for the game buzzer connections are the most rugged style available and are time tested for years of dependable service. The USB interface functions with both Windows and MAC – no drivers necessary. Your hand-held buzzers with 25ft. cables are made to be practically indestructible! In our tests they’ve been dropped, stepped on, and usually mishandled, but they just keep on working. Cable ends are factory-molded RCA phono plugs assuring maximum durability. Free Simple Quiz buzzer lock-out software program for your Windows Pc or MAC facilitates verbal quizzes so you can use your method for any last minute event. Our free Effortless Quiz utilizes your pc to enter player names, display the first player to buzz-in, then optionally displays a cheerful “Appropriate” screen for the right answer, or the dreaded “Wrong!” screen for a incorrect answer. Every player’s buzzer plays a diverse sound via your pc. All sounds and screens can be customized. Player scores are automatically calculated by the software program. It is fast, straightforward and loads of fun! Effortless Quiz video demos, free software program download and PDF User Guide are offered with this link:

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