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DigiGames Wireless Buzzer Quiz Buzzers for 5 Players

  • Each laptop controlled wireless cordless buzzer works with our computer software games (Application GAMES Included!).
  • First contestant who rings in locks out the other contestants.
  • The Trivia Cubes light up to offer identification of who buzzed in initial…..1,000 feet away!
  • Trivia Cubes are multi-colored and have fantastic visual appeal.
  • You can purchase some now and add more to your current method later.

Wireless Buzzers with Software program GAMES!

Each and every personal computer controlled wireless buzzer works with our software games (4 Software GAMES Integrated!). 1st player who rings in locks out the other players. The wireless buzzer lights up to recognize who buzzed in first.

HOW IT Functions

Use any DigiGames computer software game and ask your queries (use ours or add your personal Q&A into the game).

Players ‘buzz in’ with their answers by pressing on the wireless buzzer.

The player to buzz in very first will see their wireless buzzer light up, signaling that he or she has the ‘go-ahead’ to answer the question. All other buzzers are locked out. The application also displays who buzzed in very first, even on a projector screen.

If the player is proper, give them the points. If their answer was incorrect, you can take points away.

Repeat the above methods till you have a winner!

Auto Scoring: All DigiGames application games tracks scores of the players for you.

Wireless Buzzer information:

Produced from durable ABS plastic with very desirable colored sides.

Expandable to 80 players.

Out of the box with a 1000′ (300 Meters) range.

Each and every Trivia Cube utilizes a 9v battery (included) and lasts for 60 consecutive hours or 20 trivia events.

Our wireless buzzers help you to bring any party or educational session to life with Straightforward TRIVIA quiz shows!

Tv-style game application included: Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Squares, Trivia Feud, and Trivia Fortune.

Integrated with your order: 5 Trivia Cubes, batteries, USB receiver and application licensing for two computers.

See DigiGames internet site to view far more particulars and other merchandise.

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