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The value of TV Commercial Trivia

The value of TV Commercials Trivia   If you have been playing, hosting and taking an interest in Trivia for some time then you are bound to have face questions on those pesky TV Commercials. We all hate them, they always get in the way of our viewing pleasure but as a serious trivia player

Everything you need to know: Clobber – Hard Hat Trivia

All You Need to Know About a Unique Buzzer System Called Clobber There are various types of technology on the market to enhance your trivia experience and trivia hosts are somewhat spoiled for choice in selecting what they are to use for their next event. Bar owners love new technology and if you are keen

The Magic of Mobile Trivia Games

The Magic of Mobile Trivia Games In 2015, the trivia world is very different to what it was even just 15 years ago. Trivia hosts could once rely on having just a microphone, a pen and paper and a bunch of players and that was all that was needed for a successful trivia night. Now

Game Show Backdrops and Lights – Creating atmosphere

Backdrops and lights – Creating a game show atmosphere Trivia is a business and like all business there is competition. As a trivia host you are hired by venues and bars to attract customers away from rival establishments and to fill every last seat in the house. Chances are there are several other trivia nights

Why Choose a Wireless Buzzer System for Your Next Event

Wireless Buzzers Why Choose a Wireless Buzzer System for Your Next Event As technology changes, trivia events are changing. Although many successful and profitable trivia events run all over the globe with the simple tried and tested method of pen and paper, the advances in technology mean that trivia is changing with it. It has taken a